Easter Eggstravaganza

…sorry… I know. In homage to Mr G, I couldn’t resist cracking a few yokes…I mean jokes.

Thank you so much, everyone,  for attending our assembly today and also for the terrific competition entries. They were truly amazing. It was such a lovely way to end the term. All of the children were super stars today. I thoroughly enjoyed every performance and was warmed by the wonderful community atmosphere.

Myself and all of the staff would like to wish all a very happy Easter.

Mrs F


Running Club

The last session of the term finished with a finale. Circuits and team pursuits were the order of the day. Rob Mitchell would be impressed.  Many thanks to our willing parents, who have given up their precious time to encourage our children to lead active lives- whilst having fun along the way!

Tote- ally Amazing Bags

Due to the success of the Christmas crackers, Junior class have been busy tinkering again. The children in Ks2 have used their screen printing skills to create these on-trend – reuse, reduce and recycle – tote bags for everyone in our community to help them reduce single-use plastic. This is in connection with our topic for next term, rainforests, where children will learn about conservation and earth guardianship.


The tote bag will be available for you to buy at the Easter assembly for only £3.00 a bag! There are only 50 bags available, get yours whilst you in stock.

Ms P

Class 1 Newsletter

1st April 2019

Dear Parents,


Class 1 Weekly Update
Week commencing 1st April


What a great day all the children had at Ilfracombe aquarium on Thursday. We have all enjoyed hearing about all the adventures in class 1 today and Miss Horrell can’t believe that a seagull ate Charlie’s ice cream!

This week our focus is on Easter activities. The children will be doing a variety of different Easter activities including an Easter egg hunt, making Easter nests and making bunny ears, as well as the usual Easter themed activities in the continuous provision.

Thank you to all the parents and carers who came in to support the Easter bonnet making this morning. We clearly have some very talented and creative parents and children in class 1. The standard was very high and we were very impressed with the children’s finished designs. We can announce that the winners of the Easter bonnet competitions are Max Tickle and Jacob Molyneux. Both children will be bringing some a large Easter egg in celebration of their efforts. May Baldwin and Charlie Bawden made fantastic Easter bonnets at home that the class 1 team were so impressed with. Well done to you both!

Please don’t forget the Easter assembly in the school hall at 2pm this Thursday. The children have been working hard making bunny ears and learning a song.


This week our phoneme focus is /i/. If you have anything at home that starts with the letter /i/ that you would like to add to our /i/ table please bring it in. The reception children are learning to write the letter pre cursively and the activities within the setting will link to the five sounds that we have taught this term – /s/, /a/, /t/, /p/ and /i/. After the Easter holidays we will recap all of these phonemes before continuing to learn new sounds.

In between the Easter activities happening this week, the Reception children will be continuing their work on Rosie’s Walk. They will be building up to writing their own story involving prepositional language, such as inside, around, over.



This week the children will be concluding their work on addition and subtraction ready to start a new block of learning after the Easter holidays.


Thank you for all your support and encouragement this term. We would like to wish you all a super Easter break and enjoy the beautiful weather that is expected. We look forward to seeing you all again on Wednesday 24th April.

Kind regards

The Class 1 Team

Inspiration and Energy!

Classes one and two came together yesterday morning to complete their circuit with Olympic athlete Rob Mitchell.  The children all worked really hard and rose to the challenge of completing a range of different exercises for one minute on each station. It was a really fun, high energy session, with all staff joining in alongside the children.


We then joined together as a whole school later in the morning for an inspirational talk from Rob.

The children were inspired to think about keeping healthy by exercising and eating well, but also by trying to be positive, happy people, by being the best versions of themselves that they can be.  They were asked to think about always trying their best and trying to make their parents proud.  A very good, very positive message to be sharing with our children to ensure good health in all aspects of their lives.

Of course, as they listened to Rob tell his entertaining story about how he discovered he was good at jumping, they were also inspired to think that maybe, just maybe, they’ll become Olympic athletes themselves one day!  Dream big! 🙂

A big well done to all of the children for their efforts during the circuit and in raising money, and also a huge thank you to Rob for his time, energy and inspiration! 🙂

Awe and Wonder!

Class 1, Nursery and Reception children, had a fantastic day in Ilfracombe today as part of our learning about Under the Sea!  We visited Ilfracombe Aquarium and saw the range of different fish from source rivers on Exmoor to the fish in the harbour and the sea itself.  I think it’s true to say that both children and adults were completely mesmerised by the fish that we saw and that every single one of us learnt something new today.

We also visited the RNLI lifeboat station and got to stand in one of the lifeboats.  We finished off our day with an ice cream and a play on the beach in the sunshine, perfect!

Lots of learning, lots of fun, lots of smiles and laughter, lots of real life experiences and lots of photos to share; the looks on the children’s faces say it all.  We were all in awe and inspired by all that we saw.

As always the children behaved impeccably and the Class 1 team are incredibly proud of you all.  We would also like to say a huge thank you to our parents for coming with us and making the entire day possible, we could not have done it without you.  We hope you enjoyed the day every bit as much as we did,  thank you. 🙂   Thanks also to the team at Ilfracombe Aquarium and the staff at the Lifeboat Station.