Class 1 – Happy Half Term!

What a busy half term we’ve had and it has flown by!

We have been under the sea, we’ve learnt about Chinese New Year, learnt about winter and looking after the animals, we’ve made fat balls for the birds, we’ve made soup, spring rolls and piggy biscuits!

We’ve been reading, singing, counting, rhyming, writing, painting, learning new sounds and lots more.   Here are just a few photos to give you an idea of some of the fun and learning that we’ve been doing.


Building houses.

Making soup.

“I’m making an aquarium.”


Ordering numbers.

Making shapes.

Grouping and naming numbers.

Using scissors.

Learning new sounds and writing.

Making dragons!

Making patterns.


Matching numbers.

Making fat balls.

Exploring ice.


Wishing you all a lovely half term from the class one team. ☺


Climbing club!

Can’t let a week pass without a few pictures from climbing club! ☺

As usual the children were amazing.  We had another two children join us who hadn’t been before and just like all the others, they were doing brilliantly by the end of the session.

Of course we also had a mum do a quick climb because whatever dads can do, so can the  mums! 😉

The children showed courage, determination, problem solving skills, kindness, support of their friends (and Mrs Hancock on the auto belay!) and all whilst getting some exercise and building up their strength and coordination.  We love climbing, can you tell?!  See you after half term, enjoy the holidays!

Viking Food Tasting

The Viking adventure continued for the juniors this afternoon where they had the opportunity to sample some Viking Dagmal (breakfast) and Nattmal (night meal), to accompany this the whole feast was washed down with some mead – non-alcoholic of course! Fantastic to see all the children taking a risk and trying questionable food combinations such as bread, cottage cheese and honey.

Mr H

Climbing club is back on! ☺

Climbing club – after almost two months off, the children came back raring to go, and boy did they go!  The children showed such incredible confidence and determination today that they made me and their parents so very, very proud.

Not only are they couageous when climbing, but the support and encouragement they show each other really warms my heart; hearing them support and praise each other was very special to watch.  If you weren’t able to be there tonight to watch your child, you should know that they were and are amazing, every single one of them. 🙂

I think they might have also inspired some of the parents, as a couple of the dads were persuaded to have a go and of course Mrs Hancock then also joined in!!  A massive well done to everyone and a massive thank you to the staff at Rock & Rapid.

Alison Hancock








Team Building

This afternoon, class 3 and 4 were working hard to develop skills on teamwork and specifically sharing ideas effectively in a group. to achieve this the children had a 3ft by 5

ft box which they had to find a way for 4 of them to fit in without any limbs hanging off. This was a challenge that all groups fully took on, listening to each other and making sure that everyone’s in the group felt listened to. In the end, all team thought of original ideas which enabled them to fit inside the box. Well done to all for working as a team.  

The children also had the opportunities to come up with a team name. Ms P’s minions won with 16 votes, followed closely by  BNS gang. It is fantastic to see how our community is growing.






Vikings have landed!

Today, both East Anstey and Bishops Nympton joined forces to fight off Viking Invaders.

Well actually,  we were treated to an amazing day of learning, hands on excitement and fun as Ed the Viking joined us to teach us about what life was really like during the Viking and Anglo-Saxon times in Britain.

Ed the Viking ready for war. He is in mail, complete with helmet, war axe and shield.

We learned about most aspects of Viking and “dark ages” life as our visitor took us back in time. We even learned about how Vikings went to the loo!

There was great excitement as we all tried Viking Bum Wrestling –

After lunch, we were treated to a masterclass in why the Vikings invaded. We heard how and why they waged war and were so successful. This involved looking closely at attack and defence. Here, Ed the Viking demonstrates the advantages of spears and looks at mail armour.


Later we built shields to defend ourselves from the attacking hordes. Finally in a full assault, it was a case of defend General Gurney as the Shield Wall was employed.

Great day.


Lily Govier keeps her nerve in Hockey Tournament.

On Sunday 27th January 2019 Lily Govier played at Okehampton Hockey Club’s Junior Hockey festival. Two teams from Plymouth Marjon, two from Taw Valley and one from Sidmouth & Ottery Hockey clubs took part with a total of 4 matches for each team. As Taw Valley’s only Under 10 Girls Goalkeeper, Lily played the first match with their A group and another 4 with their B group.

Lily kicks away a shot at goal. Great reflexes and instinct

The first match against Sidmouth and Ottery ended up a goalless draw with Lily saving several attempts off the line. Lily then played a quality B team from Plymouth Marjon holding her nerve to keep the score level at 0-0 . A second game against Sidmouth and Ottery was again goalless keeping Lily’s flawless record intact. Game 4 was against possibly the best team on the field, Plymouth Marjon A, who took an early lead, only for Taw Valley to equalise moments later with an exceptional strike from Holly. Lily made some spectacular saves, blocking one on target strike, blasting it clear to the centre of the pitch.

Short corner formation. Lily holds her line and defenders run down the ball. Corner saved!

The final game against Taw Valley A saw just one goal from Emily pass Lily’s goalline. Again some fantastic  reflexes saw the scoreline hold at 0-1. In only, Lily’s second tournament as Goalkeeper Lily managed to play 5 games, keep 3 clean sheets with just 2 goals conceded against some tough opposition. Lily was awarded Player’s Player of the Tournament for her efforts. Lots of exciting opportunities coming up this year including a chance to train with World Number 1 Goalkeeper, Maddie Hinch.

Well done Lily

Lily with her team mates and coach after the tournament.

If you would like your child to play hockey please visit or follow them on Facebook

Celebrate Chinese New Year

Children can celebrate the Year of the Pig with our fabulous buffet lunch menu available at school tomorrow…

Sweet and Sour Chicken Sweet and Sour Vegetables

Egg Fried Rice

Chow Mein

Vegetable Spring Rolls Prawn Crackers

Pig shaped biscuits for pudding

Jacket potatoes available upon request.

Fresh Fruit and Yoghurts will also be available for pudding options.