Class 1: So much learning!

These boys had lots of fun on the farm this week, working together to get all the jobs done.  They played really well together showing good turn taking and sharing and they showed their excellent conversational skills.

The children showed great interest in the weather and the changes to the sky this week.  We talked about why it was getting darker, which direction we thought the storm was going and why.  They really enjoyed learning about their natural environment and showed great enthusiasm.

Continuing with our theme of Wonderful Me, we made biscuits in the shape of ourselves.   The children learnt about following instructions to find out how to make biscuits and how to use scales and read the numbers to measure out the correct ingredients.  They also enjoyed eating the biscuits of course!

We also took the time to enjoy lots of stories…

…practice using our newly learnt sounds to read some simple words and match them up with the pictures…

…we also practiced our drawing and writing skills…

…and enjoyed a good sing along of some of our old favourite Nursery Rhymes with Mrs Yates.  Another very full and productive week!

Autumn learning in Class 1

The children have been busy learning the theme of ‘Autumn’ as part of our ‘Wonderful Me’ topic.

The children sang beautifully in their harvest festival, using actions and props to support. Well done Class 1!

The children loved exploring the outdoors. We collected leaves, exploring colours, size and shape. We took the leaves back to the classroom and used them as part of our learning.

The children created autumn leaf and tree paintings using skills learnt from their write dance and from what they had seen on their autumn walks. The children painted their tree, starting at the bottom; and then finger painted or painted leaves using a paintbrush on their tree using autumn colours.

The children have been busy creating their own little hedgehogs. The children looked at images of hedgehogs and created a hedgehog body, and then added sticks to create their own hedgehog. The children will paint their hedgehogs this week and add details such as eyes.

What a great start we have made to our ‘Autumn’ theme week. We will continue to explore this theme this week as part of our ‘Wonderful Me’ topic.


Harvest Service

Thank you very much to all of the many families, who joined us in our harvest celebrations this week. And thank you to our wonderful children, whose performance I was immensely proud of. There was a lovely sense of community, as we all gathered together on a beautiful (most-unlike-Autumn) day. I look forward to seeing you in the coming weeks, as we head towards Christmas, when I am sure we will be treated to more singing delights.

Design and Technology day!

Today, Class 3 and Class 4 worked collaboratively to make: Cucumber and mint Raita and Chapatti. This was part of our topic of the term which is India. The children used their senses – smell, taste, and touch – to identify some traditional Indian herbs and spices such as cardamom, cloves, coriander, mint and mustard seeds. When making Chapatti’s children each had a turn at kneading, portioning, rolling and cooking. Afterwards, we eat the lovely food we had produced with a vegetable tikka masala, which the children enjoyed.




Class 1: So much fun… and we’re learning!

Class 1 –  Now that we’re into our fifth week of learning the children in Reception are excited about the new skills they are learning as they learn their phonics and how to write the letters that make those sounds.  They are, quite rightly, very proud of their achievements as is the whole Class 1 team.



The Nursery children are also really enjoying the many different opportunities for mark making.

Of course we’re also very aware of how important it is to build and develop the children’s physical strength and coordination and provide the children with many opportunities to do this both inside and out.


We were even lucky enough on Friday to have Chrissy Rycroft with us and took advantage of the chance to sing along with her and her guitar – thanks Chrissy!

Our music theme continued this week as we explored some of the sounds we could make ourselves!

We also found time to make the most of the good weather last week and went on a senses walk around our beautiful school field.  The children worked beautifully together looking for different colours in the natural environment and different textures.  We were very impressed with how well they worked together.


So much fun and excitement, so much enthusiasm and learning, such a joy and inspiration – you really can’t beat working in Early Years, not that we’re biased of course! 😉

The Class 1 Team