Looking after our world!

Class 1 have been very busy over the past couple of weeks!  From learning about Under the Sea, we then learnt about pirates and had fun walking the plank – of course this was improving our balance and coordination too!

We then started thinking about our wonderful world and what we can do to help look after it.  We learnt about recycling and how we sort our rubbish:

In the words of Bob the Builder – Reduce!  Reuse!  Recycle!  This led nicely into children building outside and enjoying the dry weather whilst working together to get the job done! 😉  We really have seen some excellent teamwork in using resources for building.

We have also kept busy learning new sounds and finding objects that begin with those sounds.  We’ve all had a go at writing those letters in the precursive style, reception in their handwriting books and Nursery on the Interactive Whiteboard.

… and last, but not least, we’ve been busy in maths learning the names and properties of both 2D and 3D shapes, practicing our counting and learning about estimating and then how we check how many we actually have by counting!


Busy, busy!  Lots of learning, lots of teamwork, lots of progress and importantly, lots of fun!

The Class 1 Team 🙂

Class 1 – Happy Half Term!

What a busy half term we’ve had and it has flown by!

We have been under the sea, we’ve learnt about Chinese New Year, learnt about winter and looking after the animals, we’ve made fat balls for the birds, we’ve made soup, spring rolls and piggy biscuits!

We’ve been reading, singing, counting, rhyming, writing, painting, learning new sounds and lots more.   Here are just a few photos to give you an idea of some of the fun and learning that we’ve been doing.


Building houses.

Making soup.

“I’m making an aquarium.”


Ordering numbers.

Making shapes.

Grouping and naming numbers.

Using scissors.

Learning new sounds and writing.

Making dragons!

Making patterns.


Matching numbers.

Making fat balls.

Exploring ice.


Wishing you all a lovely half term from the class one team. ☺


Climbing club!

Can’t let a week pass without a few pictures from climbing club! ☺

As usual the children were amazing.  We had another two children join us who hadn’t been before and just like all the others, they were doing brilliantly by the end of the session.

Of course we also had a mum do a quick climb because whatever dads can do, so can the  mums! 😉

The children showed courage, determination, problem solving skills, kindness, support of their friends (and Mrs Hancock on the auto belay!) and all whilst getting some exercise and building up their strength and coordination.  We love climbing, can you tell?!  See you after half term, enjoy the holidays!

Climbing club is back on! ☺

Climbing club – after almost two months off, the children came back raring to go, and boy did they go!  The children showed such incredible confidence and determination today that they made me and their parents so very, very proud.

Not only are they couageous when climbing, but the support and encouragement they show each other really warms my heart; hearing them support and praise each other was very special to watch.  If you weren’t able to be there tonight to watch your child, you should know that they were and are amazing, every single one of them. 🙂

I think they might have also inspired some of the parents, as a couple of the dads were persuaded to have a go and of course Mrs Hancock then also joined in!!  A massive well done to everyone and a massive thank you to the staff at Rock & Rapid.

Alison Hancock








Class 1’s Snowy Winter Week!

Class 1 were particularly pleased to see the snow today, as we are enjoying a week learning all about winter!  Whereas on Monday we were feeding the animals in the fake snow, today we got out to enjoy some of the real stuff!

We have been learning why we have to feed the animals in the winter, both on farms and the birds in our garden.  On Monday and Tuesday we made fat balls for the children to take home and hang in their own gardens for the birds.

We have been getting creative with our hand print snowflake paintings:


We have been counting snowmen:

We even made soup in our soup kitchen outside, although Mrs Hancock wasn’t too sure about shark soup…


Reception have been making non-fiction books about British wildlife:

Then finally, today, the real snow came so we had to go outside and have a play!!

Then this afternoon we made some real soup from potatoes and leeks to warm ourselves up and we ate it for afternoon snack!

Thank you weather for the perfectly timed snow for our winter week!  😉

From all in Class 1! 🙂



Class 1 are ‘Under the Sea’!

Class 1 – Welcome back!  We have had a fantastic first couple of days back at school and we’re thoroughly enjoying starting our new topic of Under the Sea.

Today we have been reading, writing, counting, adding, swimming like sharks, diving like dolphins and explorers diving deep in the oceans!

I think it is safe to say that this topic is one that is loved equally by children and staff alike!  We have been painting under the sea scenes, watching divers swim around coral reefs, and learnt some things about sharks and blue whales!  So much to learn; a whole new world, under the sea. 🙂

Here are just a few pictures of some of our learning today and don’t worry, we made sure when we went diving and swimming around the classroom, to put our tanks on so we could breathe under the water! 😉

We even found time to sing our favourite Under the Water song at the end of the day.

Looking forward to a fun term ahead, The Class 1 Team. 🙂

Class 1 Bookstart today!

Class 1 – just a quick reminder that our Bookstart session is on this afternoon for parents of children in Class 1 at 2.30 in our classroom.  We’d love to see you there if you’re able to attend.  Last week we had a lot of fun singing action songs and rhymes and we were treated to an extra special story reading by Jacob’s dad.  I think it’s safe to say he had the whole class completely enthralled, many thanks again to him! 🙂

Sharing a love of books, stories and reading is one of the most precious gifts we can give our children.  We’d love to see you later if you can make it.

The Class 1 Team


Class 1 – Quick! Call the Fire Brigade!

Class 1 – this week we are learning about different occupations and talking about what we want to be when we grow up.  It provided us with a fantastic opportunity to follow the children’s interests.  The children really wanted to make a fire engine outside and they helped us to set one up.  The children were all really engaged with learning about how to drive a fire engine and how to put out fires!

Climbing Club!

We went climbing!!!  After much anticipation and excitement we finally had our first session of Climbing Club at Rock & Rapid tonight.  The children were amazing; they never fail to amaze me with their excellent behaviour, their enthusiasm, their perseverance, their skill and their courage.  Every single one of you did an amazing job, I am so proud of you all!  I don’t know who was more excited you or me!!  (…and yes, Mrs Hancock might have had a sneaky climb at the end!)

I did my best to get photos of everyone but apologies if I’ve missed anyone, will take more photos next session.  Huge thanks the the staff at Rock & Rapid who were as brilliant as ever!

Looking forward to next week.

Mrs Hancock 🙂

Class 1: So much learning!

These boys had lots of fun on the farm this week, working together to get all the jobs done.  They played really well together showing good turn taking and sharing and they showed their excellent conversational skills.

The children showed great interest in the weather and the changes to the sky this week.  We talked about why it was getting darker, which direction we thought the storm was going and why.  They really enjoyed learning about their natural environment and showed great enthusiasm.

Continuing with our theme of Wonderful Me, we made biscuits in the shape of ourselves.   The children learnt about following instructions to find out how to make biscuits and how to use scales and read the numbers to measure out the correct ingredients.  They also enjoyed eating the biscuits of course!

We also took the time to enjoy lots of stories…

…practice using our newly learnt sounds to read some simple words and match them up with the pictures…

…we also practiced our drawing and writing skills…

…and enjoyed a good sing along of some of our old favourite Nursery Rhymes with Mrs Yates.  Another very full and productive week!