Class 1 Newsletter

1st April 2019

Dear Parents,


Class 1 Weekly Update
Week commencing 1st April


What a great day all the children had at Ilfracombe aquarium on Thursday. We have all enjoyed hearing about all the adventures in class 1 today and Miss Horrell can’t believe that a seagull ate Charlie’s ice cream!

This week our focus is on Easter activities. The children will be doing a variety of different Easter activities including an Easter egg hunt, making Easter nests and making bunny ears, as well as the usual Easter themed activities in the continuous provision.

Thank you to all the parents and carers who came in to support the Easter bonnet making this morning. We clearly have some very talented and creative parents and children in class 1. The standard was very high and we were very impressed with the children’s finished designs. We can announce that the winners of the Easter bonnet competitions are Max Tickle and Jacob Molyneux. Both children will be bringing some a large Easter egg in celebration of their efforts. May Baldwin and Charlie Bawden made fantastic Easter bonnets at home that the class 1 team were so impressed with. Well done to you both!

Please don’t forget the Easter assembly in the school hall at 2pm this Thursday. The children have been working hard making bunny ears and learning a song.


This week our phoneme focus is /i/. If you have anything at home that starts with the letter /i/ that you would like to add to our /i/ table please bring it in. The reception children are learning to write the letter pre cursively and the activities within the setting will link to the five sounds that we have taught this term – /s/, /a/, /t/, /p/ and /i/. After the Easter holidays we will recap all of these phonemes before continuing to learn new sounds.

In between the Easter activities happening this week, the Reception children will be continuing their work on Rosie’s Walk. They will be building up to writing their own story involving prepositional language, such as inside, around, over.



This week the children will be concluding their work on addition and subtraction ready to start a new block of learning after the Easter holidays.


Thank you for all your support and encouragement this term. We would like to wish you all a super Easter break and enjoy the beautiful weather that is expected. We look forward to seeing you all again on Wednesday 24th April.

Kind regards

The Class 1 Team

Class 1 Newsletter

25th March 2019

Dear parents


Class 1 Weekly Update: Week commencing 25th March


This week we have moved away from the Under the sea topic that we have been following this term and we are now working on the topic of Spring. As part of this topic the children will learn about new life, growing and changing and will be watching tadpoles grow and change over the coming weeks. If you have any expertise or young animals that you are willing to share or bring in please let a member of the team know.

Please can parents ensure that the letters are returned tomorrow for the Ilfracombe aquarium trip. This sounds like it will be a fantastic day out – you don’t want to miss it!



This week the reception children are continuing to work on the story, Rosie’s Walk. They will be mapping and learning the story with actions so that, towards the end of the week they can alter the story in order to come up with their own version. During this block of work we will be getting the children to use positional language, such as under, across, over, around and beneath.

The phoneme focus this week is /p/. If you have any objects at home that start with a /p/ that you would be willing to share in school please bring them in. Nursery children will spend the week recognising the letter, learning the sound and matching pictures starting with the letter to the letter itself. Nursery children will also be practising blending the four sounds that they have now been taught – /s/, /a/, /t/ and /p/. Reception children will be practising their pre-cursive writing for the letter /p/, as well as consolidating their own oral blending skills through supporting the nursery children’s learning.



We are continuing our work on estimating and addition and subtraction. The children will be doing a range of activities including estimating and then counting objects. Later in the week the children will be working on their addition and subtraction skills.


As always if you have any questions please don’t hesitate to ask them. We hope that you all enjoy your aquarium visit and that all Mummy’s manage to have a relaxing Sunday!


Yours sincerely


The Class 1 Team

Class 1 Newsletter

18th March


Dear Parents,


Class One Weekly Update – Week commencing 18th March


Just a quick reminder to bring in your expression of interest letter about visiting the aquarium as soon as possible. We need to know how much interest there is so that we can confirm whether the trip can go ahead.

Last week the children were introduced to completing some ‘jobs’ – they need to complete certain activities throughout the day to receive a surprise during the afternoon. Lot’s of the children have been very excited about trying to do these ‘jobs’ so that they can receive a surprise and it has already shown a marked increase in the number of children writing and completing simple maths activities independently.

Our theme this week is recycling and the children will be recycling a range of different objects during the week.



This week we are learning the letter /t/. Nursery children will be introduced to the letter and the sound that it makes during the week and can practise writing it. Reception children will be learning to write the letter pre cursively and practising using paint, technology, chalk, rice, shells, pens and pencils. As always if you have any objects at home that start with the letter /t/ please bring them in to go on our /t/ table.

Reception children will be beginning to learn a new story this week, Rosie’s Walk. They will be learning actions and drawing story maps to help them learn the story.



The children are finishing off their learning about shapes and will then be moving onto practising simple addition and known number facts.


Please remember that this Friday we will be holding a late red nose day celebration and all children are welcome to dress up as their favourite famous person (sorry I think I told you this was last Friday on red nose day but due to the older children being on a residential it was moved to this Friday).


Yours sincerely

The Class 1 Team

Class 1 Newsletter

11th March 2019

Dear Parents,

Class One Weekly Update – Week commencing 11th March

What a busy week last week! This week we are continuing our work on pirates and the children will be giving themselves a pirate name based on their favourite colour and animal! Friday is Red Nose Day and the children are welcome to dress up as their favourite famous person for the day.

Last week all children were sent home with an expression of interest letter about going to Ilfracombe aquarium on 28th March. Nursery parents need to accompany their child on the trip but if you are unable to attend then you could ask another parent to take your child on the trip. Unfortunately we, as a school, are not able to organise this for you but if you would be willing to take other children or you will have difficulty taking your own child please speak to us and we will try to point you in the right direction if we can.



Last week nursery children enjoyed learning about the /s/ phoneme and many children brought in items to go on the /s/ table. Reception children spent the week practising writing the letter /s/ correctly. As a school all children are taught cursive writing so reception and nursery children are also being exposed to this and learning to write in a pre cursive style. This week the children will be learning about the /a/ phoneme so if you have any items at home that you are willing to bring in for our /a/ table that would be great.

Reception are continuing to learn about blending sounds together to help them read words and while writing they are focusing on thinking of a sentence, saying their sentence and then writing their sentence. All reception children are having a big push on using the correct letter formation over the coming weeks.



We are continuing our work on shapes this week but introducing 3D shapes and thinking about the properties of these shapes. The children will be making pirate telescopes and decorating them with shapes, building pirate ships using 3D shapes and painting pirate ships using 3D sponge shapes to name a few of the activities planned.


We would be very grateful for any cylinder shaped junk modelling, such as kitchen rolls, yoghurt pots etc.

Yours sincerely

The Class 1 team

Pre-School Sports Day

On Monday we held our annual sports day. All of the children were great at taking part and enjoyed all of the races. We would like to thank all parents who came and supported the morning very much appreciated.

Today is our last day before we break up for the summer break, we want to wish all children going to different schools the very best of luck, we know you will all be fab!! To the returning children we hope you all have a lovely break and will see you on the 5th September.




Pre-School Dental nurse visit

This morning we had Kim a dental nurse from Torrington Dental practice come to visit our children, she gave them all a talk about how to keep our teeth healthy, what’s good to eat and what isn’t so good and how to brush teeth properly. Some of the children took part in an activity where they had to chew up a tablet to show the plaque on their teeth. She recommended that all children have water in their drinks bottles and when brushing teeth to spit out the foam but do not rinse mouth with water.


Pre-School Trip to Knightshayes

Yesterday we joined Reception and year 1 on their trip to Knightshayes. We started the day with a lovely walk through the woods to try and find The Gruffalo!  All of the children did really well with the long walk through the woods and fields as a certain teacher (Mrs.Hancock!) took a wrong turn. The children then enjoyed sitting down resting to eat their lunches. While class 1 were doing their workshop we had planned to take the children to the playground and read The Grufflo story but we were stopped by the sudden downpour of rain and had to make our way to the house where the children took part in the Knightshayes safari trail where they had to look for different objects around the different rooms.

Pre-School-Under the sea

Since coming back from half-term we have been continuing to learn about ‘Under the Sea’. The children have enjoyed learning about different types of sea creatures, what they eat and where different types of sea creatures live. The children have made textured fish and paper star fish which are on display around Pre-school. As some parents may have heard we have loved learning a new song called ‘Under the water, Under the sea’!


Pre-School Flower and plant walk

This morning we took the children on a walk around the village. Each child had a check list of the plants and flowers we were looking for. We were very lucky that we were able to find all that was on our lists except a rose. As we were walking around the village we reminded the children of how to keep safe on the roads, which they all walked around the village very safely.

Pre-School – Our growing

We’ve had success in our growing over the bank holiday weekend! All of our plants, vegetables and flowers have finally started to grow. Our grass heads are all now are starting to sprout hairs and our sunflowers have started growing their shoots. This week we will be doing some measuring, we’ve started to measure the children on our dinosaur growth chart. We will move some of the sunflowers outside at the end of the week and the children will be involved in measuring these and comparing how they grow outside and how they grow inside.