Pre-School-Our Nativity

It was our Nativity on Monday morning and all our children took part and got involved , the play went amazingly and all of our children did so well! Just a reminder it is our Christmas party tomorrow any donations of party food would be gratefully received. Our party will start at around 9 o’clock parents are welcome to join us if you would like to and we have a special visitor arriving at 10.30! We wish you all a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!

Christmas dates to remember!


As you all know it is out Nativity next Monday 11th December, if all parents could drop your children to us in the morning and make your way over to the church the Nativity will start at 9.30AM. Your all invited to come back to Pre-School after and have a mince pie and a cup of tea! We will be having a Christmas raffle to raise money for the Pre-School so any donations would be gratefully received.

On Thursday 14th we will have our Christmas party from 9AM onward, again you are welcome to stay and join in the party games and even see a special visitor! In the afternoon at 2PM we will be attending the schools carol service in the church all parents welcome to attend and join in the Christmas sprit!

Finally we will return to Pre-School on the 4th January 2018! We wish you all a Merry Christmas fromĀ  the Pre-School and hope you enjoy your break.

Pre-School Update

Some quick updates in case you missed them before. We have a couple of requests for all of our lovely parents; We are looking for a handyman/handy-woman who could come and take a look at our bikes we have in Pre-school, some of them need a little fix up so that the children can use them. If you think you may be able to help us please see any members of Pre-school staff. Secondly there is a box just inside the main door into the building that is a lost property box, if you are missing any items or think your child has misplaced something that is where items will go if we don’t know who they belong to. Lastly we like to encourage all children to bring in healthy lunch boxes and that the children bring water in their bottles. At snack time there is a variety of fruit for the children to select what they would like, they have the option of having a carton of milk or a cup of water everyday.

Pre-School Team

Pre-School Halloween

As you all know next week is half term. We will be coming back to Pre-school on the 30th October. When we come back we will be celebrating Halloween and asking (if the children are happy to) to dress up on Monday and Tuesday, we hope you all have a lovely week off and look forward to seeing the children in a week.

Today is Anya’s last day before she goes off on maternity leave. All of the children are going to miss her but are looking forward to seeing the new arrival. We wish Anya all the best for the next 11 months but are already looking forward to her return next September.

Pre-school Hedgehogs

Over the past few weeks we have been learning about hibernation and harvest. Last week we made some hedgehogs from clay and matchsticks, this encouraged the children to use their fine motor skills in order to manipulate the hedgehogs and put their spikes in. They painted them and added eyes, the children will be bringing these home this week.

Pre-School Our Autumn Walk

Last week we went on an autumn walk around the village, first we went to the churchyard to collect leaves for some of our activities. The children enjoyed throwing the leaves up into the air and watching them tumble down. We then walked through the school lane and looked for nuts, acorns and twigs. The children loved picking up all of these Autumn treasures and bringing them back to pre-school for our interest table.