Pre-School Flower and plant walk

This morning we took the children on a walk around the village. Each child had a check list of the plants and flowers we were looking for. We were very lucky that we were able to find all that was on our lists except a rose. As we were walking around the village we reminded the children of how to keep safe on the roads, which they all walked around the village very safely.

Pre-School – Our growing

We’ve had success in our growing over the bank holiday weekend! All of our plants, vegetables and flowers have finally started to grow. Our grass heads are all now are starting to sprout hairs and our sunflowers have started growing their shoots. This week we will be doing some measuring, we’ve started to measure the children on our dinosaur growth chart. We will move some of the sunflowers outside at the end of the week and the children will be involved in measuring these and comparing how they grow outside and how they grow inside.

Pre-School Growing

The children are continuing learning about growing, as some of you may have seen our growing is in full swing. Last week we started growing our grass heads (fingers crossed they will start growing soon!!) also we planted some lavender, marigold’s and petunias in our plant pots. This week the children have started planting their own sunflowers in plastic cups. We are hoping that we will be able to see the roots start to grow to be able to show the children what they look like. We were kindly donated some courgette, beetroot, pumpkin and cauliflower plants which we will plant in our garden when they become ready to do so.


Pre-School Yoga

This afternoon we went out into the school field with the reception children. Sam was teaching the children some new yoga poses following the success of our garden yoga last year. All of the children loved joining in and all worked really hard to try and get the poses right. We will continue to teach the children yoga on a Monday afternoon for the next half term.

Pre-School Easter Hats

This morning we held our annual Easter Hat making morning, the children made an Easter Hat with their parents for our competition. Mrs Hancock came down to judge all of our fabulous hats it was a hard choice but she chose two winners! Afterwards we had an Easter Egg hunt that all of the children enjoyed!

Pre-School Musical Instruments

This week we have loved exploring different instruments and the different sounds that they make. We had William’s mum Clare in to play the flute to the children the children enjoyed listening and they sang along to the ‘If your happy and you know it’. The children made their own shakers by painting boxes and adding rice, pasta and pluses into the boxes. We are continuing our music into next week and will be beginning to look at rhythm and action songs.

Pre-School Fire Crew

As you all know we have been learning about People who help us and different occupations. This week the children have really enjoyed making their own fire engine and even becoming the fire crew! This was our last day learning about occupations, the children have loved this topic and enjoyed the other parents in talking about their jobs.

Over the next few weeks we will be learning about sounds and rhymes, we will be exploring different musical instruments and the way that the sounds can change. Alongside this we will be learning about rhyme in songs and spoken words. If any parents can play an instrument we would love to welcome you to come in and play to the children.


Pre-School Occupation visits

We have started to learn about people who help us and different occupations. This week we are learning about people who help us, Xavi’s Mum and Dad (Claire and Rob) came in dressed in their work uniforms and told the children about their jobs. The children learnt all about what paramedics do and what happens when you go in an ambulance to go to the emergency department to see the doctors and nurses who will help them become better. Claire and Rob also brought in some of their equipment that they carry whilst at work, they let the children have a turn with their pen torches.

If any other parents would like to come in and talk to the children about their jobs please speak to a member of staff.



Winter and Birds

This week we have started to look at what happens in Winter. We have been looking at different types of birds that you see and went on a Winter bird walk this morning to see how many we could see.  We were lucky to see a Robin, some Blackbirds, Pigeons and Starlings. The children each had a clipboard and a worksheet with different birds to spot, when they saw the bird they had to mark it off. The children also made some bird feeders to take home and feed the birds in their gardens.