Must be santa!

Mr David Hill, our established and esteemed author friend of the school, has once again kindly donated to the school funds.  Our modern day Santa has been busy writing for the newspaper and has donated his earnings to our school.

The legendary figure of Santa clause depicts a jolly man who brings gifts to well behaved children.  In my opinion, David Hill must be Santa!

A huge thank you to Mr Hill for his continued contributions.  The children love hearing from him through his letters and cards and would love to see him again some time soon.

Merry Christmas Mr Hill from all at Bishops Nympton Primary School.


Mr Scandrett

Intra House Sports Competition.

To conclude the sporting year we held our Intra house athletics competition.  Various indoor athletic challenges were completed to test the skills learnt in P.E in regards to running, jumping and throwing.

It was a closely fought contest with 3 house teams level on points going into the final sprint round.  Emerald proved to be too strong with a well earned victory over joint second place, Amber and Sapphire.  Ruby finishing a close 3rd.

We look forward to many more rounds of sporting competition as we charge into 2018!

Intra house Sports Shields standings:

Amber – 40points

Ruby – 35 points           Emerald – 35 points

Sapphire – 30 points


Sports completed: Cross Country, Netball, Indoor athletics.


Mr Scandrett


Celebrating National Tree week

We have been celebrating national tree week in our classes this week.  We have been discussing the importance of and the huge positive impacts that trees give us.  Many of you may have noticed a potted oak tree near the school gates.  This tree has been rescued from being chopped down and built upon from an ex pupils garden.

We will be planting this tree in the new year and it will have a poignant purpose which I will reveal at a later date.  To celebrate it’s rescue and national tree week the children have been creating tree decorations to dress up the old oak tree.

Tree dressing is based on many old customs from all over the world. The idea behind it is to bring us all closer to the trees that play such an important role in our lives as well as to each other.

Mr Scandrett

Girl Power!

On a rain drenching Tuesday afternoon, we played our first Girls football match against Chittlehampton.  Usually it’s predominantly boys with the addition of girls on the team but today we reversed that trend and let the girls flex their footballing might.

And flex that might they did!  A resounding 11 – 1 victory showed the confidence and footballing skills our year 3 / 4 girls have.  We played most of the game with just a single boy on the pitch.  Madelyn especially enjoyed the afternoon netting four times.

Other players, playing a competitive match for the first time did exceptionally well.  They listened to instruction and demonstrated the skills learnt in P.E sessions to over whelm the opposition.  The boys were also fantastic.  Using their skill and supporting their team mates brilliantly.

A comprehensive victory.  Well done!

Mr Scandrett


Silver athletic superstars!

A second place finish for our year 5 / 6 athletes team at the SMCC local schools athletic competition was proudly celebrated yesterday.  10 Local schools competed in the indoor athletics competition challenging the participants to various throwing running and jumping events.

Bishops Nympton once again won the relay race, contributing to a well deserved and excellent second place overall.  We clearly have very talented athletes within our school.  Year 3 / 4 finishing 1st, year 5 / 6 finishing 2nd.  This will hopefully be enough to enable us to participate in the area finals later on in the school year.

Well done to everyone involved.

Mr Scandrett

Year 5 / 6 football result

Having watched our year 3 / 4 loose 4 – 1 to Filleigh, our 5 / 6’s were keen to turn the tables.  An experienced side opened the game at full throttle and were 2 – 0 up in minutes.  Clearly the stronger team, I took the opportunity to stretch the legs of our less experienced players.

An  opportunity they grabbed with both hands.  All impressing on the pitch in unfamiliar roles.  Harvey in particular stood out who has opened the door for possible first team action in the future.  Despite making more substitutions than an international friendly we comfortably won the game 4 – 1.

Well done to everyone who played.  I will look to provide more opportunities like this in the future.


Mr Scandrett

Year 3 / 4 football league result

With our East Anstey players unavailable for selection, it was up to the Bishops Nympton year 3 / 4 to go into battle in our second football match of the season.  Having suffered defeat in our opening game we were keen to put in a good performance.

It was a very even affair with both teams looking likely to score.  Towards the end of the half, our players lost their way and in a difficult few minutes found ourselves 4 – 0 down at half time.

This blow was hard to pick ourselves up from.  We spent half time looking at what had gone wrong and how we needed to change things to improve our chances for the second half.  We were determined and aimed for a second half win.

And that is exactly what they did.  We created lots of chances and finally our efforts were rewarded with a goal from Lewis.   We won the half but lost the game 4 – 1.  We hope to be at full strength for our next fixture.

Mr Scandrett

Year 3 / 4 football League results

It has been a difficult autumn term for our year 3 / 4 as we embarked on our first ever  foray into a football league competition.  Local schools have got together and highlighted how are younger children are not getting enough competitive sports opportunities.  This football league idea is an opportunity to create regular competition amongst local schools, thus opening the door for further and future sporting fixtures of different varieties.

We have entered this as a federation and our first outing, away at Swimbridge, was the first opportunity for our players to get to know each other.  We soon went 2 – 0 down as we seemed a little nervous and unsure of what we were supposed to be doing.

As the game progressed, our players became more confident and more in tune with each other and the fight back began.  2 strikes from Ozzie later and we were back in the game and very much on top.  Full of momentum we seemingly took a 3 – 2 lead right before half time, however, the referee deemed the goal had been scored after the whistle.

Second half was a well fought affair, we continued to build a strong bond within the team but the long grass sapped the energy from our legs and unfortunately the game finished 4 – 2 in Swimbridge’s favour.  Despite the loss we had showed great promise, and I am sure the more we play together the faster we will improve.

Mr Scandrett



Celebrity appearances!

Famous faces were in their abundance on Friday as Bishops Nympton Primary School had a dress up day to support Children In Need.  The children dressed as their favourite celebrity.  A great deal of effort was made with the outfits and families donated generously to the cause.  £86.16 was collected by the pupil council, all of which will be pledged to the Children in Need appeal.

A huge thank you to everyone who donated, we hope you had a fabulous time spending the day in school with so many famous people.

Mr Evel Knieval

Golden Athletics Afternoon

Our year 3 / 4 ventured into SMCC brand new sports hall for this year’s athletics tournament.  10 teams were competing in various athletic events scoring points for their respective team.  This year we took two teams, a combination of pupils from here and our federated partners East Anstey.

It was a great opportunity to get to know their federated friends, and it didn’t take long for them to be working together and encouraging each other along.  This team work was evident in the relay races as our Exmoor link teams finished 1st and second.

Once all the running, jumping, throwing had finished it was the anxious wait to find out the final positions.  The hard work throughout the afternoon paid off with one of our teams finishing 5th and the other 1st.  An outstanding result, one which we are very proud of.

Mr Scandrett