Space Day!

5, 4, 3, 2, 1 blast off!

What an amazing ‘Space Day’ we had yesterday. The children had great fun taking part in our ‘Space Day’, and thoroughly enjoyed the various space activities in their house groups too. You all looked great as little astronauts and aliens!!

The children explored the phases of the moon with Mrs Lake and Miss Isaac (student teacher). We learnt how the phases of the moon were made and created using playdough, Jaffa cakes; and through drawing with pens too. Well done little astronauts and aliens for helping to keep the moon spinning and phasing through the month!


Busy constructing!

Children in class 2 have had a busy week of constructing. Anything from literacy, to maths, to constructing fireworks, and constructing poppies.

The children have thoroughly enjoyed ordering and retelling the story of ‘Whatever Next’. What great story tellers you are!! You have remembered the text so well!! Well done. 

Class 2 are building their way to becoming mathematical wizards. The children have been learning pairs of numbers that make a total through addition.

The children have been designing, building and constructing fireworks and poppies this week, as part of our learning about firework night and Rememberance Day. The children have thoroughly learning this week!! Well done to all.

Next week, we will take part in our whole school space day on Tuesday, and Children in Need on Friday. We can’t wait!

Back at it, and ready to explore learning once again!

The first week back after half term has been a busy one!! We have started our first week back learning about Diwali, light and dark. The children have been learning about what is light and dark; and its many meanings – as in a light source, space, and celebrated in festive celebrations. The children have been exploring these many meanings through making Diwali lamps and lanterns, drawing henna pattersns, retelling stories about Diwali and the festival of light (including many other stories this week too), investigating and reporting on ‘space’ artefacts, and practising letter formation throuh a range of activities. So much learning and fun has been had this week!!!! See for yourselves 🙂

In maths, we have been learning about addition through using the part-whole model. This has allowed the children to develop their understanding of addition in such a fun and meaningful way.

In literacy, we have started learning about the story ‘Whatever Next’. The children have already started loving this story; and are enjoying retelling it using the props to help!

We hope we didn’t tire them out too much with such busy learning!! Look out for our space learning coming soon.

Enjoy the fireworks and stay safe!

Class 2 team

Under the Sea

Class 1 are absolutely loving our topic of ‘Under the Sea’.

Over the last few weeks, the children have been exploring the concepts ‘fast, slow, noisy and quiet’. The children have been making sea sounds, and singing songs using their voices, instruments and puppets. 

The children have learning about sea creatures that live under the sea, and sea creatures that live in the water. The children have been exploring and recreating sea stories using props and resources.

The children have also created various sea creatures in art and write dance, exploring various skills and techniques.

The children have been learning about habitats – where the sea creatures live, what they eat and what you might find in their home. We have been exploring habitats through art, cooking, story time and during other activities too. The children have also been learning about aquariums too, and we made our own class 1 aquarium (only pretend).

The children are especially enthusiastic about this terms Little Readers. The younger nursery are exploring the rhyme ‘Little Boy Blue’; and the older nursery are exploring the rhyme ‘Row, Row, Row your Boat’. The children have been exploring the rhymes at home and have loved sharing their creations with their friends in class. The children have carried on their learning through activities within class 1 as part of our topic too. Please ensure your child’s Little Readers bookbag is returned to school on time so other children can all have ago.

Class 1 visits the Post Office

Class 1 loved visiting the Post Office today.

The children have been learning about Christmas, making and writing Christmas cards, and learning about and using money recently. The children finished their learning with a trip to the Post Office.

The children:

  • walked to the Post Office,
  • found out what happens in a Post Office, and what we can buy and send in a Post Office,
  • bought a stamp using money so they could post their envelope (with a surprise inside) home,
  • and walked to the post box and posted their envelope (with their special surprise inside).


All parents should receive a surprise in the post in the next few days, so keep a look out for a special little something in a brown envelope. We hope you like it!!



Class 1 Christmas fun day!

What a lovely Christmas day we have had in class 1 today!!!

The children looked very festive in their Christmas jumpers and party hats.


The children practiced our nativity play, explored our Christmas activities, and made Christmas party hats too.

The children ate a yummy Christmas dinner today and loved pulling crackers with their friends too.

We finished off our busy day with a Christmas party! We played games, ate some party food, and we were visited by Father Christmas! Each child received a special present from the special man himself. Thank you to all of the children and parents for attending our special party, we hope you had lots of fun!!

Merry Christmas to all from the Class 1 team xx


Christmas Dinner – Yum Yum!

We have started our Christmas traditions off with a bang!  It was lovely to see the children and staff celebrating Christmas together; looking festive in their Christmas jumpers and eating a yummy Christmas meal. What a lovely scrummy Christmas dinner we shared together too-well done to the kitchen staff !! I am sure the highlight of the event was pulling crackers and telling jokes with our friends from all the laughter and fun we shared. Thank you to all for arranging  and celebrating such a festive, memorable event!

Class 1 (nursery and reception) Bookstart Programme – the last one!!

Class 1 would like to invite you (or another family member) and your child (nursery and reception) to the Class 1 BookStart programme.
The BookStart programme provides an exciting opportunity for you and your child to share stories and rhymes together using a range of interactive resources. Each week you will receive free resources and tips to use and keep at home.

The last Bookstart programme session will be on Tuesday 11th December 2018 at 2.30pm in class 1.
Please see Mrs Lake for more information.

We look forward to seeing you!

Class 1 team