A Very Special Visitor

The children waited with excited expectancy at the arrival of our special guest. No…not Prince Harry-although it may well have been, given the wonder on their faces- but our local MP, Mr Peter Heaton Jones. The children sat in rapture as he greeted them and began introducing himself. Then, they all put Peter through his paces, individuals asking the most thought provoking and excellent questions from ‘who is your favourite prime minister from the past?’…to ‘why does the queen sit on a big golden chair?’

It was a truly amazing experience and one of many that we hope to offer our children and community in making learning come to life this year.

Thank you so much, Peter.



London 19

I had a few requests to re-post all of the photos from our London trip a few weeks ago, so thought I would do this before the end of the term…

Day 1 included:

Gathering at Tiverton Parkway, Paddington @Paddington, Kensington Gardens, Albert Memorial and Westminster Palace. Later we had a meal before the fabulous Lion King.

Day 2 included:

The science museum, London Eye and river trip followed by Street Performers at Covent Garden. An amazing adventure was completed by our train journey back to Parkway. An amazing 2 days with an amazing group of children.