Jessica is off to Bicton!

These amazing, all action photos are of our very own Jessica at an event over half term. She was competing for the first time on her own, on her pony Lily. She came 3rd in the showjumping so she has qualified for the mini championships for the south west at Bicton in August. Well done Jess. Amazing! (Thanks to Nicole for the photos). If you have some photos and a story that you would like to share, send direct to Mr Gurney ( for publishing.

Science Enquiry

The children in Class 2 have been exploring absorption, taking it in turns to test folded sugar paper flowers. They were amazed at what happened. Some were even inspired to re-enact the petals opening, as the water soaked into the paper. Curiosity is definitely fun!

Class 2 Titanic Experience

The children have been transported back in time, in Class 2, to find out what life must have been like on board the Titanic. Some children were treated to 1st class travel, where they could wine and dine and enjoy staying in a suite with their very own bathroom; others found out that luxurious travel wasn’t available to all and could only hope for a bath once a week, which they had to share with others- yuck. Thank you to Mrs Sothcott for bringing history to life in such an imaginative and engaging way. The children loved it- well some them!

Class 1 – Happy Half Term!

What a busy half term we’ve had and it has flown by!

We have been under the sea, we’ve learnt about Chinese New Year, learnt about winter and looking after the animals, we’ve made fat balls for the birds, we’ve made soup, spring rolls and piggy biscuits!

We’ve been reading, singing, counting, rhyming, writing, painting, learning new sounds and lots more.   Here are just a few photos to give you an idea of some of the fun and learning that we’ve been doing.


Building houses.

Making soup.

“I’m making an aquarium.”


Ordering numbers.

Making shapes.

Grouping and naming numbers.

Using scissors.

Learning new sounds and writing.

Making dragons!

Making patterns.


Matching numbers.

Making fat balls.

Exploring ice.


Wishing you all a lovely half term from the class one team. â˜ș


Climbing club!

Can’t let a week pass without a few pictures from climbing club! â˜ș

As usual the children were amazing.  We had another two children join us who hadn’t been before and just like all the others, they were doing brilliantly by the end of the session.

Of course we also had a mum do a quick climb because whatever dads can do, so can the  mums! 😉

The children showed courage, determination, problem solving skills, kindness, support of their friends (and Mrs Hancock on the auto belay!) and all whilst getting some exercise and building up their strength and coordination.  We love climbing, can you tell?!  See you after half term, enjoy the holidays!

Viking Food Tasting

The Viking adventure continued for the juniors this afternoon where they had the opportunity to sample some Viking Dagmal (breakfast) and Nattmal (night meal), to accompany this the whole feast was washed down with some mead – non-alcoholic of course! Fantastic to see all the children taking a risk and trying questionable food combinations such as bread, cottage cheese and honey.

Mr H