Painting “en plein air”

Class 2 have been studying Monet and trying to copy his work. So far the class have used 4 colours to copy a picture of The Houses of Parliament, created their own water lilies picture using pencil crayon and used masking tape to give the image of a bridge in Monet’s garden.

Today we painted “en plein air” (painting outside) and created impressions of the beautiful view. The class chose which part of the landscape they would paint, did a rough sketch and then used water colours to paint. All children took great care over their work resulting in some love ly pieces.

Enthusiastic Scientists!

Class 1:  In our science lesson this afternoon we learnt about Spring.  As part of the year one science curriculum we need to learn about the changes in the seasons and what happens in each one.  We also need to learn the names of local plants, trees, flowers and animals.

With that in mind, we spent the afternoon exploring our wonderful grounds hunting for signs of spring.  The children were very enthusiastic.  We were excited and enthralled by the wonderful world we live in.  We found bluebells, apple blossom, fresh, bright green leaves that we discovered were incredibly soft and were even lucky enough to discover a little green minibeast on one of the plants we brought inside to look at!

Pre-School Flower and plant walk

This morning we took the children on a walk around the village. Each child had a check list of the plants and flowers we were looking for. We were very lucky that we were able to find all that was on our lists except a rose. As we were walking around the village we reminded the children of how to keep safe on the roads, which they all walked around the village very safely.

Pre-School – Our growing

We’ve had success in our growing over the bank holiday weekend! All of our plants, vegetables and flowers have finally started to grow. Our grass heads are all now are starting to sprout hairs and our sunflowers have started growing their shoots. This week we will be doing some measuring, we’ve started to measure the children on our dinosaur growth chart. We will move some of the sunflowers outside at the end of the week and the children will be involved in measuring these and comparing how they grow outside and how they grow inside.

So proud Exmoor Challenge 2018

What a day!  

Glorious sun greeted us for the actual event. This was great for us as watchers but so challenging for the competitors (the hottest Exmoor Challenge in its thirty year history). All got underway well and both Exmoor Link Federation teams produced excellent pace. The training really seems to have paid off as they made their way confidently around the course. That pace didn’t slow much (even with the conditions) and all children made it home to the cheers of the sizeable crowd. Times would appear to be good – still awaiting results but all can be really proud of their achievements. I know I am really proud of the teams

Team 1:

  • Emily
  • Jayden
  • Charlotte
  • Charley

Team 2:

  • Daniel
  • Morgan
  • Seth
  • Alex

and reserves (special thanks to those who came along today – Paige, Liam etc.).

Enormous thanks to Tim and Jo Williams for logistical support but also the amazing T-Shirts. Can I also say a huge thanks to the parent group for working so hard and helping every step of the way. It’s been really fun. It has  been such fun in fact that we are now looking to stage our very own family walking event – The Hawkridge Hike. We will publicise details on this next week.

More photos very soon but check this link for a great idea of the event:–youngsters-tackle-16-1537509

Have a great Bank Holiday

Mr Gurney