School Council Update 22/05/2015

In front of the whole school, including staff, we delivered our ideas and suggestions in regards to the grounds project.  All was received with great enthusiasm.

Following this, a number of our school councillors met with the staff were we discussed if and how the project can be carried forward.  The staff seemed very keen to get this project off the ground and agree with us that this could be a huge benefit to our learning within our great school.

Our next step is to present our findings to the PTA who have already given us the financial backing needed for this project.

As well as this, next half term will see the return of Ultimate Dodge ball!  A hugely successful venture last year that we have brought back to help raise funds towards the grounds project.  Sainsburys have now ended their voucher scheme and we will be counting and spending them very soon.

Enjoy the half term break


Many thanks for your support this half term


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