Farmwise Devon Trip

We all had a great time at Westpoint, near Exeter, on Tuesday 13th October for the Farmwise Devon event. The aim of the day was to provide our children with an ‘out of the classroom experience’ and ‘to touch, feel and smell’ farming and understand how it links into food production and the environment within Devon. As lots of our children are lucky enough to already know much of this it gave them the opportunity to share their knowledge and expertise with others; which was lovely to see. There were twelve activity zones at the event including Dairy, Beef, Sheep, Poultry, Wildlife, Environment, Fruit, Vegetables, Arable, Food, Pigs and Forestry. It is always so lovely to attend events with other children from other schools as it highlights how well-mannered and well-behaved our children are and on Tuesday there was no exception. Enjoy the photos!2015-10-13 13.29.342015-10-13 13.29.492015-10-13 11.00.262015-10-13 11.21.012015-10-13 12.31.012015-10-13 12.31.232015-10-13 12.47.462015-10-13 14.03.202015-10-13 14.10.442015-10-13 14.17.402015-10-13 10.41.292015-10-13 11.29.282015-10-13 13.20.102015-10-13 12.00.012015-10-13 11.27.092015-10-13 11.08.062015-10-13 13.43.10

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