Children In Need

Our School Council worked really hard to raise money for Children in Need again this year. Most of the children came to school last Friday dressed up as their favourite TV character and donated money raising an amazing £104.18. A great turn out for such a small school! Thank you to everyone who helped with costumes and donations.Children in need photo 1

Children in need photo 2

School Council Update 13 / 11/ 15

Today we supported children in need by dressing up as our favourite TV or Movie character. It was great to see so many children dressed up. Many thanks to all the families that donated money to this cause. Our initial count was £104.18 which is a great effort. We are still happy to receive any more donations. Many thanks School Council 😀

School Council Update 06/11/ 2015

On Wednesday a selection of older school council members went to Mole Valley in South Molton to work alongside the send a cow charity to build a display keyhole garden. Despite the rain we had a terrific time getting our hands dirty and completing manual work.

The display is to promote the work that the send a cow charity carries out. Once the display has served its purpose it will being making its way to our school to sit proudly in our outdoor learning environment.

The keyhole garden contains 1.2 tones of soil which needed to be mixed with several bags of compost and then moved to the keyhole garden site. Our backs, arms, necks and legs ached in utter pain afterwards but it was all for a good cause.

Please have a look at our photos:


Thank You!