STEM challenge for Class 3

Today we had a visit from a local STEM ambassador who led a challenge for class 3. They were given 15 minutes to design and build the tallest structure they could, using spaghetti and marshmellows, that would hold a raw egg for over 30 seconds. Sound strange? Well the children loved the challenge and worked in their teams of three really well. After 15 minutes each structure was measured and a raw egg placed on top and subsequently timed. There was a 1st place winning team (Taylor, Eddie & Billy), 2nd place (Sophia, Olivia & Hannah) and in 3rd place (Milo, George Sowden and Douglas). We are one of seventeen schools who entered this challenge with a final heat in May. The winner of which will win £75 for their school, so fingers crossed.20160415_09574420160415_10260320160415_10271720160415_10264120160415_10271120160415_10265720160415_102437

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