Star Gazing Live!

On Wednesday night (25th Jan) family and friends of Bishops Nympton primary school gathered at our federated school East Anstey for an evening of space exploration.

During the hours leading up to the event, Venus was clearly visible with the naked eye with surrounding stars glinting in the moonlight.  However, as the doors opened the clouds rolled in and sadly shielded our vision of the night sky for the remainder of the evening.

Thankfully,  the astronomical society stayed on site to answer questions about their telescopes and their experiences gazing up at our solar system.  Despite the lack of live star gazing there was still a fun filled evening to be had.  The virtual reality goggles proved to be the highlight of the evening with people queuing out of the door to use them.

Other opportunities included: creating your own shooting rocket, watching a space shuttle take off, beautiful photograps of our solar system as well as a wealth of experience and knowledge to answer any of our burning questions.When energy dwindled, the East Anstey PTA were on hand providing delicious refreshments.  A superb evening to ignite and enthuse the interest of all ages into the wonders of space.

Following on from this we will be running space based activites next week, culminating in a space exploration day on Friday(3rd May) providing us with many more awe inspiring space based adventures.

Mr Scandrett

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