All parents Welcome on Friday 3rd March

Hello again,

Another reminder of our science day this Friday (3rd March), which you are all invited to.

The day begins with an assembly (9:30am in the hall) followed by workshops for you to take part in alongside your child.

You can come and go as you please throughout the day.

It promises to be another fun filled and exciting day not only for the children but for their parents too.

Hopefully see you then,

Mrs Scandrett

Fantastic science day to be held on Friday 3rd March

Calling all parents!

You are warmly invited to join us at Bish Nym for our second fantastic science day event. We will have an assembly in the morning (at 9:30am) from Jo Richardson followed by workshops in the hall and in classes throughout the day, which we would love you to join in with.

Join us for the whole, or part of, the day where you can work alongside your child exploring the wonderful world of science.

It is also an opportunity for you to look at your children’s books and classrooms to get a feel for what goes on within school.

We look forward to seeing you then,

Mrs Scandrett

Class 2 Spring Half Term

Well Class 2 have had a busy half term!
We have started our new Science topic of ‘Earth and Space’ and have been doing lots of exciting activities.

Class 2 have written letters to astronaut Tim Peake, asking him a few questions about himself. We then recorded interviews where we took on the roles of Tim Peake and BBC news reporters, asking him questions about his time in space. These interviews were full of facts about Tim Peake’s time in space and also ended up very funny!

Last week, children from Class 2 and 3 made some rockets during Art using junk modelling, they were amazing! They have also made ‘Top Trumps’ cards with facts about each of the planets.





We were also lucky enough to have Jo Richardson visit us last week for our Space Day. Class 2 spent the morning making stick puppets and performing stick puppet shows about space. We then completed some experiments from the ‘Space Box’ like testing metals for conductivity, comparing the weights of different metals and their durability. We then spent the afternoon with Jo learning more about each of the planets and their distances from the sun. Later on, we made some spectroscopes so that we could see all the different colours that were really in light. We had a fantastic day and took lots of pictures!



I hope that the children enjoyed this half term as much as me, and that the next one is just as exciting!
Have a lovely half term!

Miss Whapham

Olympic sized fund raising effort at Bishops Nympton

Following on from our  GB paralympian Dan James’s visit, our friends and family of Bishops Nympton school have been busy collecting sponsorship money.  The money will help support Dan James’s quest to appear at the next Paralympic games, support a children’s charity and help to fund sporting opportunities within our school. This money is of huge value to everyone concerned.

We can announce that we have raised £ 885.35,  which is a monumental effort by all concerned.  Our fund raisers will be rewarded with wrist bands, autographed wrist bands and autographed posters of Dan James depending on the amount each individual raised.

A percentage of the total raised will be spent in school on new sports equipment as we continue to aim for sporting excellence.  We will announce how much money the school receives in a future blog.

Once again, a huge thank you to everyone who made the efforts to support us in this exciting opportunity.

Mr Scandrett

Space day!

Our Space Day on Friday 3rd February was also a huge success in the infant class.  It was great to get parents involved in the day to see what we do and we were very grateful for their help in making our rockets!  The children have been so enthusiastic in learning about Space that we have carried on our Space theme this week.

We then carried on our learning in the afternoon.  We learned about which materials heat up quickly and which stay cool using thermochromic paper.

This then led to finding out which materials are magnetic:

We also had a go at making an electric circuit to make the lightbulb light up and tested which materials let electricity flow through them and which didn’t!  A very busy, fun day filled with lots of learning!


Intergalactic Exploration at Bish Nym a huge success

On 3rd February we held a fantastic space day, as part of our involvement with the Tim Peake project, which consisted of workshops for both the children and their parents. All parents were invited to take part both within the classrooms throughout the day and also in the hall where we had a visiting scientist Jo Richardson. She inspired the children by delivering an assembly in the morning to explain the exciting initiative that we are involved in.

Jo then led workshops in the hall to all classes, and parents, from making fizzy rockets to setting up a working scale model of our solar system. The photos attached show activities ranging from Mission X 26.2 with Tim, where the children were helping to run the London marathon; which Tim Peake did whilst on the ISS. Each point earned through the Mission X challenges equal one step taken on our journey from the earth to the moon as we near completion of level 1. See the following website for further information about Mission X and for separate blogs and pictures.

There were also rocket building activities; solar system research stations; learning the Russian alphabet and writinng in code. In addition, there was an exciting resource called ‘space case’ where the children got to investigate properties of materials for magnetism, conductivity, impact, heat and pressure testing. The day involved opportunities for all the children to get immersed in the wonderful world of science with the hope of inspiring them to further research and potentially consider future employment opportunities within the space industry.

I would like to say a huge thank you to all parents who came to this event and appreciate your support.

We will be having a second day similar to this on 3rd March whereby ALL parents are again welcome to attend. Hope to see you all then.

Mrs Scandrett

Synagogue visit


Yesterday Class 3 visited the Exeter Hebrew Congregation Synagogue. We were warmly welcomed by Stuart and the girls and boys were separated as is Jewish tradition. Then the boys were given koppels to wear as a sign of respect.

The children were shown different aspects of the synagogue and a brief history was shared. Also a number of artefacts were shared and Stuart explained the history and traditions behind each. George managed to produce a sound from the shofar which was very impressive!

Before the question section the children participated in a mock Jewish wedding. It was explained that the groom marries his bride before she arrives and the bride stays silent throughout the service!


After the children ate lunch at Cathedral Green followed by a walk to RAMP.

Whilst at RAMM the children split into groups and had the opportunity to explore a range of the exhibits.

A wonderful day was has had by all. Stuart emailed to compliment our children on their impeccable behaviour, which is a real credit to the children.   Continue reading