Sponsored Spellathon coming soon

The English language, we can all speak it from a very young age, yet writing it is a very different challenge!

There, their, they’re ar so maney sownds projuced in ower langwaj, with so maney ways of making those sownds.  Is it aney wonder that ower children find lurning spellings hard?

Teaching spellings is just as difficult.  There are spelling rules that we can follow, all of which can be broken in various words, Phonemes and graphemes help children to collaborate different sounds, but learning which sound you need within a word is a difficult skill to master.  Because of these challenges, learning spellings can become tedious and morale sapping.

After Easter we are launching a spelling drive to raise the standards of spellings throughout the school.  Our school council are busy organising a sponsored spellathon to help raise vital funds for our school, but more importantly to give learning spellings a positive impetus!

You will shortly receive a statutory word list.  A list of words produced by the government which they believe every child should be able to spell at this juncture in their education.   We ask that whilst munching on your chocolate eggs, spend some time learning the spellings of these statutory words in preparation for our spellathon event.

We are busy organising some fantastic prizes for our top spellers with the opportunity to progress forward into a federation spellathon later in the year.  Your children are taught numerous methods of how to learn these statutory words but will require support and encouragement from all the family.

More details of this exciting competition will follow after Easter.

Mr Scandrett

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