Class 1 – Chicks!

Class one had a busy afternoon back at school after the bank holiday with visit from Naomi’s chicks!  All of the children had the opportunity to hold a chick if they wanted to, we noticed how soft their baby feathers are and that, although they are only two weeks old, they are already getting their adult feathers on their wings.

We learnt that the chicks are different colours because they are different breeds, the yellow ones are Light Sussex and the grey one is a Jersey Giant.  The children also learnt that we say that chicks hatch rather than are born.  The children were really good at sitting quietly so that they didn’t frighten the chicks.  We look forward to welcoming them back again as they grow so we can see how they change as they grow.  Many thanks to Naomi’s parents for bringing their chicks in.

Pre-school visit:  we also welcomed our second group of pre-school children into class this afternoon, but we were all so busy I forgot to take photos, sorry, next time!  This second visit means that all children attending our pre-school have now had their first visit to their new class for September.  These visits will continue until the end of the summer term giving the children plenty of time to get to know staff, children and the school.

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