The sweet taste of success!

Our spelling bee champions, across the federation, joined together today to celebrate their success in a fun filled morning at the Quince Honey farm.  We were superbly looked after by the honey farm who supplied our winners with a feast of fun, fact based activities.

We looked at the inner workings of a honey bee hive, expertly demonstrated by Dan the beekeeper, before handling the bee and honey ladled frames our selves.  Dan then steered us through the honey farm on a guided tour, where we witnessed behind the scenes of how the inner workings of the honey business is run.

Brimming with bee knowledge, we were then treated to the golden nectar itself, tasting 5 different honeys produced by the Quince Honey farm.  Full of sugary goodness, the deserved spelling bee winners used that energy to negotiate the triple story play area, interjected with a handling session of various insects in the Critter Cabin.

A huge thank you to the Quince Honey Farm for looking after us so well.  I highly recommend a visit! Also, a  huge thank you to East Anstey’s PTA who very kindly contributed to the winners prizes.

Mr Scandrett

Transition into Reception

At Bishops Nympton we consider ourselves very fortunate to have our own pre-school.  This is especially good at this time of year, when we are able to ensure lots of interaction between our pre-school and Reception classes so that the transition into Reception in September goes as smoothly as possible.

A regular Leap into Life session happens every Monday all year round, but we have also built in extra sessions every week to ensure that all our new September intake are coming into school every other week to help familiarise themselves with their new classroom, staff and children.

We look forward to welcoming the children into the Reception class again in the morning.


Little Owl’s trip to Quince Honey Farm

Little Owls and parents had a great time at the Quince Honey Farm. We had a look at lots of different hives and learnt about how hard bees work to turn nectar into lovely Honey. We had a taste of the different types of honey that they make. Some of the children held a real working frame and we were lucky to see the Queen bee. As we walked around the Honey Farm we found items like apples, chocolate, coconut and tea which, without the bees working very hard, we would not have. After the children had a play in the soft play area. Some of the children held some creepy crawlies, other children were not so keen. Even Kath held a cockroach!!!

HATS – Day 3

We attended SMCC for our final HATS day this morning.  We continued to learn about sports science, focussing on the effects that physical exercise has on our bodies.  Those in attendance showed a great understanding of the components of physical exercise and can specify in which elements of varying sports they are best utilised.

We looked at these components in a series of short sporting challenges which highlighted them in more detail.  We then ventured outside for a game of cricket, again identifying the significance of each element within a team sport.  Well done to the select few who were chosen to go.  Their efforts and excellence in sports and science were duly rewarded with these 3 workshops.  We are now on the look out for possible candidates for next year.

Mr Scandrett

Bishops Nympton Show Jumping Team

Bishops Nympton Primary School entered it’s first ever show jumping event on Saturday as part of the North Devon Schools show jumping league at Coxleigh Barton.  It is fantastic that as a school we can now include show jumping as part of our sporting offer to prospective parents.

Matthew Boundy, George Snell and Charlotte Thorne can proudly claim to be the first ever riders representing the Exmoor link Federation at Show Jumping and they all rode really well.  Matthew Boundy, riding Blackie,  went in the 50 cm class, his first ever  show jumping competition! He knocked just one pole down in the first round, then had a lovely clear round in the 2nd round.  Although he was not placed in the first 6 (who win rosettes) he made us and his mum very proud.
George Snell, on Misty, rode brilliantly. He competed in the  60cm and 70 cm classes.  Jumping 2 clear rounds in both classes rewarded him with a fantastic 3rd place in each class…great riding !

Charlotte Thorne rode really well in the 60cm class.  She had one refusal and unfortunately fell off in the 70cm class .  Her pony spooked after a fence and unseated her, happily  she was unhurt.
Well done to all 3 riders.  We are so very proud of you.  You have now opened the doors for future riders to represent the federation at Show jumping.  A huge thank you to Nicky Boundy and the children’s parents who organised themselves for the event, I cannot claim any knowledge of Show Jumping and without their expertise we could not have participated in this event.
Mr Scandrett

Class 1 at Rosemoor

Class one had a lovely time at Rosemoor today as part of our learning about life and living things.  Our morning was spent learning about minibeasts or invertebrates as they are also known.  We went on a minibeast hunt where we found woodlice, spiders and beetles, we were also lucky enough to find a newt and a frog!  It was all very exciting!


We then met up with our East Anstey friends for lunch.

After lunch we went exploring in the garden.  We enjoyed looking at all the beautiful plants and flowers, the roses smelt amazing!  We also had time for a play in the play area.  I am incredibly proud of all of the children for their impeccable behaviour.  We had many members of the public commenting to us on how well behaved the children were, and they truly were, well done class 1 we’re very proud of you.  A massive thank you once again to all our our adult helpers, very much appreciated.

Alison Hancock


Class 3 visited RMB Chivenor for armed forces day.  The Royal Marines demonstrated their impressive arsenal of military equipment.  We learnt about the machinery and their capabilities through hands on experiences and a couple of shows.  We were treated to a delicious free hot lunch, courtesy of the marines chefs, and used that energy to try out the marines obstacle course.  The trip was a real insight into our brave soldiers lives and the possibilities that being part of the Royal Marines can give.

Mr Scandrett

Day 2 in the capital

After a sound nights sleep; amongst the hub of traffic, police sirens, droning air con and over excited children, I woke up full of the joys of spring!

A continental breakfast refuelled us all and we were all set for our second exciting day in London.  We headed off to the museums ready to absorb as much information as possible.  The group made their own choices as to which museum they wanted to spend their time in.  Some opted for the science museum, to see Tim Peake’s space craft, whereas I and the others visited the Natural History Museum.

We enjoyed lunch before heading to the West end for a theatrical afternoon.  We were treated to an unbelievably fantastic performance of Aladdin.  It was a real visual spectacle with some beautifully choreographed singing and dancing alongside fireworks and magical special effects.  It was almost as good as Bish Nym’s ‘the Good The bad  and the donkey!

With the children awe inspired and full of radical ideas for our up and coming ‘Shakespeare rocks’ performance, we started our way home, stopping quickly for a calorific Mc can’t be named or a burger royal family member. ( Not using the blog as free advertising!)  The children were in a buoyant mood on the train journey, full of chat about their experience.

It was, as ever a fantastic trip.  Well done and thank you to all staff who safely steered the party through London; Mrs Loftus and the admin team who had it all organised and timed to perfection and Mr Gurney, whose knowledge of London helped to guide us and (at times) the bus drivers to our destinations.

Thank you to all the children who were so well behaved, patient, organised and enthusiastic throughout. I hope you all enjoyed the experience and have learnt something about yourself and our great country.

Mr Scandrett