Sweaty, sun burnt and shattered!

Our first day in London has left us all weary but very content after a fantastic day’s exploring.  In the glorious, but very intense heat of the sun, we had lunch in the princess Diana memorial garden before travelling on our luxury coach to rub shoulders with the members of parliament.

Unfortunately, the queen had been and gone before our arrival but the grandeur of her visit was still clearly visible.  We toured the houses of parliament with a sneaky peak into the house of Lords,  where the queen had recently sat.

We met with Mr Heaton Jones, our local mp, before hitting the scorching streets again taking in some familiar and famous sights.

The river Thames cruise allowed us to take in all the well known landmarks, however, an ice cream break was deamed to be an even more exciting experience!

A slow trundle through the London streets, packed full of police and demonstrators, allowed us to drive around Buckingham palace before a well deserved pizza stop.

A very sleepy troop arrived at the hotel just before 10pm,  weary, sweaty, but full of enthusiasm for tomorrow.


Mr Scandrett

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