Day 2 in the capital

After a sound nights sleep; amongst the hub of traffic, police sirens, droning air con and over excited children, I woke up full of the joys of spring!

A continental breakfast refuelled us all and we were all set for our second exciting day in London.  We headed off to the museums ready to absorb as much information as possible.  The group made their own choices as to which museum they wanted to spend their time in.  Some opted for the science museum, to see Tim Peake’s space craft, whereas I and the others visited the Natural History Museum.

We enjoyed lunch before heading to the West end for a theatrical afternoon.  We were treated to an unbelievably fantastic performance of Aladdin.  It was a real visual spectacle with some beautifully choreographed singing and dancing alongside fireworks and magical special effects.  It was almost as good as Bish Nym’s ‘the Good The bad  and the donkey!

With the children awe inspired and full of radical ideas for our up and coming ‘Shakespeare rocks’ performance, we started our way home, stopping quickly for a calorific Mc can’t be named or a burger royal family member. ( Not using the blog as free advertising!)  The children were in a buoyant mood on the train journey, full of chat about their experience.

It was, as ever a fantastic trip.  Well done and thank you to all staff who safely steered the party through London; Mrs Loftus and the admin team who had it all organised and timed to perfection and Mr Gurney, whose knowledge of London helped to guide us and (at times) the bus drivers to our destinations.

Thank you to all the children who were so well behaved, patient, organised and enthusiastic throughout. I hope you all enjoyed the experience and have learnt something about yourself and our great country.

Mr Scandrett

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