Knitting Club Progress

Since starting in October a number of children have been attending regularly and have now mastered the basic knit and purl stitches to create stocking stitch.

Anoushka has knitted the first mitten for the prem baby charity and will hopefully finish the second one soon.

All children are very proud of their achievements – even the holey ones! The “squares” will hopefully become a cushion cover for the library.


It shows real progress and the children are learning this term a variety of stitches so that they can begin to follow patterns and make their own creations.


Intra House sports competition update.

Due to the poor weather this week, we held an impromptu intra house sports tournament round of Dodgeball.  Both Class 2 and Class 3 competed fiercely in this ever popular sports event.  When the smoke had cleared and the dust had settled, it is Amber who remain top of the pile.

Amber   60 Points

Emerald 44 Points

     Sapphire 29 Points

     Ruby  28 Points


Sports Completed:Netball, Athletics, Football, Tag Rugby, Kwik Cricket, Dodgeball.


Next Event: Rounders