Intra house sports competition – final standings

Our Intra house sports competition has been a culmination of 7 different sporting competitions over this academic year.  The competition is designed to introduce all children to competitive sporting competition across a range of sports taught during P.E sessions this year.

A really hard fought battle between Amber and Emerald went all the way to the end, with Emerald just piping Amber to the winning position.  Sapphire and Ruby had their own running battle vying for 3rd place.  We intend to continue this tradition next year, trying to add even more sports to the competition.

Final standings 2016 / 2017


Emerald 64 Points

Amber   63 Points

Ruby    38 Points

     Sapphire 34 Points

Sports Completed:




Tag Rugby

Kwik Cricket



Emerald team captains, Hannah Spence and George Snell, proudly hold the Intra House Sports Shield.



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