Pre-School Update

Some quick updates in case you missed them before. We have a couple of requests for all of our lovely parents; We are looking for a handyman/handy-woman who could come and take a look at our bikes we have in Pre-school, some of them need a little fix up so that the children can use them. If you think you may be able to help us please see any members of Pre-school staff. Secondly there is a box just inside the main door into the building that is a lost property box, if you are missing any items or think your child has misplaced something that is where items will go if we don’t know who they belong to. Lastly we like to encourage all children to bring in healthy lunch boxes and that the children bring water in their bottles. At snack time there is a variety of fruit for the children to select what they would like, they have the option of having a carton of milk or a cup of water everyday.

Pre-School Team

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