Year 3 / 4 football League results

It has been a difficult autumn term for our year 3 / 4 as we embarked on our first ever  foray into a football league competition.  Local schools have got together and highlighted how are younger children are not getting enough competitive sports opportunities.  This football league idea is an opportunity to create regular competition amongst local schools, thus opening the door for further and future sporting fixtures of different varieties.

We have entered this as a federation and our first outing, away at Swimbridge, was the first opportunity for our players to get to know each other.  We soon went 2 – 0 down as we seemed a little nervous and unsure of what we were supposed to be doing.

As the game progressed, our players became more confident and more in tune with each other and the fight back began.  2 strikes from Ozzie later and we were back in the game and very much on top.  Full of momentum we seemingly took a 3 – 2 lead right before half time, however, the referee deemed the goal had been scored after the whistle.

Second half was a well fought affair, we continued to build a strong bond within the team but the long grass sapped the energy from our legs and unfortunately the game finished 4 – 2 in Swimbridge’s favour.  Despite the loss we had showed great promise, and I am sure the more we play together the faster we will improve.

Mr Scandrett



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