EFL Kids cup 2018 Results

The annual football league cup celebrates the talents of our Devonshire footballers.  This nationwide competition aims to find a school team to represent their local team involved in each of the 4 football league division.  For the third year in a row we attended the University to enter the Exeter City F.C branch of this esteemed competition.  Winning teams go on to Wembley to compete against all of the other nationwide winners!

From previous experience, we knew that was way out of our grasp due to the vast number of schools who enter who are considerably larger than ourselves.  In the 3 years we have attended, we have never scored a goal and our best result was a 0-0 draw!

Incredibly, we re-wrote the records this year with performances of epic magnitude.  I am so proud of our 7 representatives from the Exmoor Link Federation who played the games of their lives.  We knew instantly it was going to be a good day with an opening 1 – 0 victory against Montgomery.

Our first goal ever, our first win ever in the tournament.  It was already our best performance in the EFL Cup and there was more to follow.  We ground out a 0-0 draw vs Stoke Cannon before tasting victory again, 1 – 0 against St Leonards.  The confidence was spilling out of us and the euphoria on the side lines from our travelling supporters (there were 2 of them) was a joy to behold.

The icy hail and strong winds could not dampen our day.  The results were fantastic but more importantly the commitment and attitude from our players was unfaultable.  With one game to go we had a chance of topping our group and making the quarterfinals.

Uppottery, whom had already knocked in several goals past many of their opponents stood between us and the quarters.  It was a bright start with both teams looking comfortable on the ball.  A very near miss from our corner, gave us that belief that we could do this, however a break away attack from the following corner put us a goal behind.

Despite an enormous effort we were unable to draw level, loosing the game 1 – 0 but winning the admiration from ourselves for their amazing achievement at such a high level competition.  We are so very very proud of this sporting achievement.  Well done to our super seven.


Mr Scandrett

Pre-school- Our furry visitor

This morning we have had a lovely visit from Humbug the Hamster, Lindsey who has been helping us over the last couple of weeks kindly brought her hamster to visit the children. All of the children held and stroked Humbug, they were all very gentle and handled her well. When the children has the fruit at snack time Humbug also enjoyed hers too!

Year 3 / 4 Football vs Dulverton

Our year 3/ 4’s, across the Exmoor Link Federation, spread their wings this evening during an outing at Dulverton All Saints CE School.  Dulverton school has excellent sporting facilities including a floodlight all weather sports pitch.  The link that we now have with Dulverton provides an excellent opportunity to extend the sporting opportunities throughout the federation during the winter months.

Our first sporting venture was tonight’s year 3 / 4 football match.  A great way to re – invigorate our players in preparation for the continued year 3/ 4 football league.  Our players performed brilliantly in a closely fought contest which could have gone either way.

Although finishing on the loosing end of a 3 – 2 result, we are gaining in confidence as we familiarise ourselves with our team mates from either side of the federation.  Dulverton hosted us brilliantly and we look forward to many more future sporting occasions with them.

Mr Scandrett

Dave Hendy magician visit

On Monday Dave Hendy the magician came to visit Pre-school and Class 1. The children were all very excited and they loved watching his magic show and balloon modelling. The children all joined in with Dave, they enjoyed shouting out and taking part. Some of class 1 children assisted Dave in his magic and they were given balloons to take home. The children were all well behaved and sat excellently during the show.



Bish Nym’s Big Battery Hunt

Are you up for a challenge!  Can you become a battery recycling champion?

Did you Know!

Each year we throw away around 6 million batteries!  That’s over 20 000 tons (equivalent of  4000 elephants)  into landfill each year.  These batteries then take over 100 years to decompose, whilst leaking dangerous chemicals and polluting the surrounding  soil and water.


There’s another choice.  Instead of throwing your batteries away, why not do something amazing?

If we recycle our batteries we can prevent this terrible pollution and create useful materials such as zinc, steel and manganese.


We ask that all used batteries are collected and returned to school in the box provided.  The children are encouraged to involve as many people as they can with this challenge.  Involve the family, friends, your street, local library, work place etc.

We have the opportunity to win some fantastic prizes for those who go that extra mile to collect as many used batteries as possible.

Good luck!


Mr Scandrett


Pre-School Welcome Back

We’d like to wish everyone a happy new year! All the children have returned to pre-school and are ready to start the new term. Over the next coming weeks we will be learning about magic and fantasy, the children are very excited to be learning about some of their favorite things such as knights and castles, dragons and princesses, elves and fairy’s and so much more. This week we have made our wooden climbing frame into a castle for the children and they are all busy protecting it from danger! The children are also having lots of fun dressing up as their favorite princesses and superheros