Brain Tumour Awareness Day 2018

We had a hat-tastic day raising money for Brain Tumour Awareness.  A wide range of hats were worn to help remind people of the dangers of this disease.  Brain Tumours affect more people under the age of 40 than any other cancer and yet only 1% of cancer funding is donated to this charity.

Mrs Headon joined us in the morning to help raise awareness as she, like myself, have had close family members suffer the ordeal of being diagnosed and thankfully successfully operated on.  This charity fully deserves our support to help continue the fight against cancer.

A huge thank you to everyone who took part, donated and purchased wrist bands and pin badges.  We raised £98.92 so far and we hope to break the £100 mark once we have received any final donations.

Many Many Thanks

Mr Scandrett

Brilliant battery recycling effort.

A huge well done to everyone who helped to donate used batteries to our recycling effort.  This term we have been investigating the use of batteries and what happens to them once they are no longer usable.  We were all staggered to realise the extent in which we rely on batteries in our everyday life and the cost that it could have to our planet.

Each battery that is put into landfill has the potential to pollute and cause irepairable damage to the world in which we live in.  This project has helped to raise awareness of this problem and hope to start turning things around.  We collected an amazing 2536 batteries!

I am not sure if we should be celebrating this or be shocked by it.  We are a small school and yet we alone have used that many batteries.  We should however embrace the fact that these 2536 batteries will be put to good use and recycled into new materials as opposed to be sitting under our feet rotting our planet.

We nominated the Bedford family for their battery recycling efforts as our battery recycling heroes.  Ruby, Phoebe and Tilly collected batteries from home, family and took them to their mums work place to extend the message to a far wider community.

Together they collected 813 batteries, our biggest total by more than 200 batteries.  Other standout performers were Matilda Selley – 603 and the Pethericks – 380.  But in my eyes, everyone who brought in a battery, whether it be 1 or 100 are heroes, as together we have helped to prolong the demise of our planet by a little longer by thinking carefully about our recycling opportunities.

Keep up the good work

Stay Green

Mr Scandrett



Easter Bonnet (Hat or decorated egg) Competition

Hello all

Just a quick reminder that we are running an Easter Bonnet or Decorated Egg competition for Thursday.

Please take your entries to the hall, where they will be sorted and judged.

The Assembly is at 9.30 in the church, followed by refreshments (by the PTA), the science fair and the Easter Competition entries all in the school hall.

We look forward to seeing you all on Thursday


Best wishes

Mr Gurney

HATS Day 2

Seven of our talented sports stars of the Exmoor Link Federation visited SMCC on Monday morning, joining other local schools, to participate in a sports science lesson. As well as taking part in gymnastic, volleyball and athletics sessions, the children learned about the different components of fitness.

By understanding how the body works and the individual components that make up various sporting skills sets, the children were enabled to analyse their own techniques and critique each other’s performance with the use of technology and their new knowledge.

This more in depth look at physical performance will hopefully enable the super seven to enhance their sporting credentials in future sporting ventures.

Mr Scandrett

Pre-School Easter Hats

This morning we held our annual Easter Hat making morning, the children made an Easter Hat with their parents for our competition. Mrs Hancock came down to judge all of our fabulous hats it was a hard choice but she chose two winners! Afterwards we had an Easter Egg hunt that all of the children enjoyed!

Exmoor Challenge 18 (Practice Walk 1)

We started our preparations for the Exmoor Challenge 2018 today. We had a sizeable group of 17 year 5 and 6 children (plus some additional family members) and several accompanying parents as we set out in some challenging conditions. Once again Graham Turner joined us as first aider, technical adviser and back up. After kit check and safety briefings, we started our walk which although only a gentle introduction to the challenges,  involved a serious ascent and some very useful navigation. We had also some great fun along the way. I can report that that the entire group did extremely well and were eager for more by the end! Thanks to all parents and helpers today. As always, do please like and share this fantastic element of our great (and unique) curriculum offer on social media.


Wellington Come and Sing 18

Wow! What an amazing day and evening concert.

Yesterday the choirs from both East Anstey & Bishops Nympton travelled to Wellington School for this annual music event.

Over 400 hundred children were on stage to work with professional musicians and ultimately perform to hundreds of parents in the evening concert, all with a Disney Theme. This was a superb musical opportunity and everyone had great fun. I was truly staggered by the sound of the all children at this concert – both very moving and absolutely brilliant.  I hope to put some video footage on our website. Our children form both schools were great ambassadors (as ever) and sang beautifully. Well done everyone.


Brain Tumour Awareness Day – 28th March 2018

On the 28th March we will be holding our annual Wear a hat day.  We ask that children bring in a monetary donation to wear a hat to school for the day.  The idea of the event is to raise awareness and raise money for the Brain Tumour Awareness charity.

We support the charity due to staff members, past and current, having had close family members diagnosed with a brain tumour.  Only 1% of current cancer research donations are used to support Brain Tumour patients and yet 16 000 people a year are diagnosed with the deadly disease.

Throughout next week, we will be selling wristbands and pin badges during break time.  Please  donate in any way that you can.  Every penny counts.

Mr Scandrett