Brilliant battery recycling effort.

A huge well done to everyone who helped to donate used batteries to our recycling effort.  This term we have been investigating the use of batteries and what happens to them once they are no longer usable.  We were all staggered to realise the extent in which we rely on batteries in our everyday life and the cost that it could have to our planet.

Each battery that is put into landfill has the potential to pollute and cause irepairable damage to the world in which we live in.  This project has helped to raise awareness of this problem and hope to start turning things around.  We collected an amazing 2536 batteries!

I am not sure if we should be celebrating this or be shocked by it.  We are a small school and yet we alone have used that many batteries.  We should however embrace the fact that these 2536 batteries will be put to good use and recycled into new materials as opposed to be sitting under our feet rotting our planet.

We nominated the Bedford family for their battery recycling efforts as our battery recycling heroes.  Ruby, Phoebe and Tilly collected batteries from home, family and took them to their mums work place to extend the message to a far wider community.

Together they collected 813 batteries, our biggest total by more than 200 batteries.  Other standout performers were Matilda Selley – 603 and the Pethericks – 380.  But in my eyes, everyone who brought in a battery, whether it be 1 or 100 are heroes, as together we have helped to prolong the demise of our planet by a little longer by thinking carefully about our recycling opportunities.

Keep up the good work

Stay Green

Mr Scandrett



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