World Book Day 2018

Bishops Nympton primary school looked a very different place today as the school was filled with a wonderful  array of book characters.  We celebrated our love for books by dressing up as our favourite characters and sharing our beloved books with friends and peers.

During assembly we shared an extract from David Hill’s, ‘the farmhouse tree.  His adventures in the snow had all the children laughing at his naughty antics.  It was great to see that so much effort was made to celebrate the written word and the fun that we can all share through the power and excitement of a book.

Never stop reading!

Mr Scandrett


David Hill, as generous as ever.

We were delighted to receive a correspondence from our esteemed author friend David Hill last Friday.  As ever, his humour and wit shone through, putting smiles on the children’s faces, as I read an extract from his book (the Farm house Tree) during our World Book Day assembly.  He has once again kindly donated his earnings,from a recent newspaper piece he had written, to our school.

It is great to hear that David and his family are well.  We would like to express our thanks for his continued unrivalled generosity.  All here at Bishops Nympton school respect and admire such an amazing human being in David Hill.  He is a shinning example to all human kind.

Mr Scandrett

Class 1 – A Class of Scientists!

Class 1:  In Science this afternoon Reception were experimenting with building bridges and finding out what the best material for a bridge might be to make it strong.  The Year Ones designed an experiment to test which type of material would make the best parachute; next week we will be making the parachutes and carrying out our experiments.  Once they had finished designing, the Year Ones decided that they wanted to have a go a making bridges too.  They really thought about making their structures strong and how to make them stronger, with some designs being modified and improved throughout the afternoon!


Class 1: Busy with Maths!

Class 1:  After the fun of the snow day on Monday, everyone is back safely and excited about their learning in class one.  In our Maths this week we have been learning about shapes in Reception and recapping shapes and then learning about halves in Year 1.  The children have all worked really well, working together, helping each other and reinforcing their learning during their Independent Learning time.


Heatree 18 Day 2 Update

Wow! What a day.

We have packed everything into today. We started off with a great breakfast and thought for the day from Stewart our lead instructor. We then made our way to the water for Kayaking (and general water fun).

Then after some lunch we faced the great bog challenge in Low Adventure…

Great skills. We have finished today with a trip to the Bronze Age Roundhouse, Roast Turkey for dinner, Heatree has Talent and even a midnight feast (sort of).

See you all back at base tomorrow 🙂


Pre-School Musical Instruments

This week we have loved exploring different instruments and the different sounds that they make. We had William’s mum Clare in to play the flute to the children the children enjoyed listening and they sang along to the ‘If your happy and you know it’. The children made their own shakers by painting boxes and adding rice, pasta and pluses into the boxes. We are continuing our music into next week and will be beginning to look at rhythm and action songs.

Bish Nym Big Battery Hunt

I have been overwhelmed by the response from the big battery hunt initiative set up earlier this year.  We are well over a thousand batteries recycled which is a fantastic effort.  We now ask that any remaining batteries are to be brought into school so we can finalise our number and get them sent off to be recycled.

Soon we will be announcing our battery hunt heroes.  Those of us who have gone that extra mile to collect used batteries and helped spread the word of our cause.

There is still time to save our precious planet.

Become a battery recycling hero!


Mr Scandrett

Heatree 18 Day 1

Hi all. Just a quick update from Heatree. All happy and well here on Dartmoor. The journey down was fine and the when the rain did start it didn’t affect our eagerness to get started on our adventures. We have scrambled at Hound Tor, tackled the Vines, Jacob’s ladder and the High Beam (High Ropes at 30 feet up in the forest canopy) The day finished even with Fish and Chips!

Looking forward to Kayaks and a Low Adventure in the Dartmoor Bog followed by Roast Turkey tomorrow.