North Devon Tag Rugby Finals

It has taken some time for me to sum up the right words to express the anger, confusion and disappointment felt during the North Devon Tag rugby finals. ‘it is just a game’ and ‘let it go’ are some of the most common phrases I have been hearing all week, but I was there to bare witness to the sheer devastation, bewilderment and dejection expressed on our brave players faces making it an impossible task!

It was such shames that a fantastic tournament was then tainted by a mockery of a final were the referee seemed to have an alterior motive and play by a different rule set never been seen before on a tag rugby pitch.

Ourselves, the opposing coach and other coaches watched in confusion as the final was thrown into utter chaos with decision after decision which went against the basic rules of play disrupted and destroyed what could have been a fantastic final.

What saddens me more is that this experience has had a negative impact on our players and has lessened the enormity of their achievements as the controversy is all that will be remembered from the day.

I am trying to ‘let it go’ and focussing on the positives that our players and supporters should be taking from the tournament. That is that once again, our tiny village school has stood on the shoulders of giants and proved that our desire and commitment has taken us to the higher levels of tag rugby, narrowly missing out on the big one.

To all the players, chins up! We know what we achieved out there and we know the hard ships we went through during training and qualifying and on the day to achieve what we did.  2nd place in North Devon is a huge achievement which you should all be proud of.  You are champions in my eyes!

Mr Scandrett


VS Instow                            Won 3 – 0

VS Lapford                          Won 5 – 0

VS Chittlehampton          Won 4 – 2

VS West Bury                     Won 4 – 0

VS Swimbridge                  Won 5 – 0


Knockout stages

VS Berryanarbour            Won 5 – 0



VS Goodleigh                     Won 5 – 3


Semi Finals

VS Swimbridge                  Won 3 – 1



Vs Lapford                          Lost 2 – 1



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