Aquathon 2018

GTS Aquathon 2018

An exciting new sporting opportunity was grabbed with both hands by a select group of Exmoor Link Federation pupils. The aquathon (a biathalon) is a stand alone event organised by Torrington School sports science students.

This was an excellent opportunity to celebrate those pupils who demonstrate a high quality swimming and cross country running ability in a very difficult event.

Pupils were asked to swim a designated number of lengths in the swimming pool, throw their running gear on and set off, dripping wet, on a long distance run. All of which is against the clock, trying to determine the elite athletes amongst them.

Our 6 boys set off into the unkown across the Torrington Commons having already swam 8 lengths of the pool.  This gruelling test of endurance did not hinder our courageous boys as they met the challenge head on and put in a stunning performance.

Number of runners: 73

Winning time:            8.59

Daniel Williams:         9.18            3rd Place

Morgan Curtler:        12.24          30th Place

Yi Lin:                            13.40          49th Place

Charlotte thorn flew the Exmoor Link flag for the year 6 girls, She was thrown into a difficult swim with some clearly very talented other swimmers. She held her own and knew that it was the clock who she was really running against.

Number of runners: 60

Winning time:            9.16

Charlotte Thorn:        15.59          41st Place


6 lengths of the pool before out on to the commons for Harry Holland and Matilda Selley in year 5.

Year 5 boys                                                               Year 5 Girls

Number of runners: 76                                             69

Winning time:            7.58                                        8.01

Harry:                         11.53                                         Matilda:        13.28

54th Place                                                                     45th Place


Our year 3’s had a long wait as they had endured the excitement of watching everyone else race. James thorn, Erin Williams, Coco Lin and Evie Thompson proudly made that wait well worth it as the determination they showed was clear to see.  One length of the pool followed by a run was a frantic but energy sapping task but they dug in and performed brilliantly.

Year 3 boys                                                              Year 3 Girls

Number of runners: 70                            70

Winning time:            2.12                        2.15

James:                        11.53                       Erin:   2.40               10th Place

30th Place                                                   Evie.T:3.43               50th Place

Co co:3.53                52nd Place


We are so proud of you all.


Mr Scandrett



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