Hello from class 1 :) We have been busy learning this week.

Class 1 have been busy exploring sounds in the environment and learning their phonics this week. We focused on the letters s a t p. The children have been learning the letter sound and letter name, and mark making the letters too. The children have loved exploring the circles and eights in write dance. The children have been busy practising their mark making skills in the environment. The children remembered how to form the letters and shapes by saying the formation as they wrote and drew them.

The children have also been investigating what numbers mean this week. The children have searched for numbers in the environment, read numbers and counted amounts of objects for different numbers. The children had great fun and talked about what they knew about numbers with great enthusiasm.

The children have loved sharing books in guided reading and developing their PE skills in PE with Chris. What a great week they have had, well done Class 1.

We look forward to another fun-filled week. Have a great weekend.

The Class 1 Team 🙂




Class 3 – Shapes, symmetry and specialist clothing!

Hello from Mrs Jones and class 3!

We have had a great week, with our focus in maths being shape and symmetry and our English on innovating a non-fiction class book about specialist clothing, with everything from gardener’s gloves to scuba diver’s shoes!

We were looking at 3D shapes and the number of faces, edges and vertices they had.

We had to investigate whether 12 straws was enough to build a cuboid out of – it was tricky!

We used mirrors to find the lines of symmetry in a variety of 2D shapes and solved a the following question: Is the number of sides a shape has the same as the number of lines of symmetry?


We found out that the number of sides and lines of symmetry are not always the same because a rectangle has 4 sides and only 2 lines of symmetry, whilst a circle has 1 side and infinite lines of symmetry! Great investigative skills from class 3 🙂



In English we’ve been mind-mapping for our class book which should be finished next week – we can’t wait to share it with you! I’ve been so impressed with the ideas they’ve come up with and the fantastic vocabulary they want to include. Here’s a sneak peak at some of the special clothing we will be including…

Have a lovely weekend!

Mrs Jones

Class 3 – The Super Seven


It’s been a busy and productive first full week for class 3. We’ve been settling into our daily routines, collaborating on our class expectations and getting to know one another.

We’ve also been getting our teeth into some English based on the non-fiction text “What do you do with a tail like this?” adapting and innovating our own sentences using adjectives and adverbs with great success. We’ve also been thinking about lines and angles in maths and spotting them all around us! Parallel lines in equals symbols and perpendicular lines on our display boards. The children found all of the angles in both their forenames and surnames and explored some tricky questions about the relationship between the number of sides a shape has and the number of angles.

I’m looking forward to seeing what next week has in store and will keep you all updated! Mrs Jones 🙂

Class 1: – Wow! What a fantastic first week back at school!

Class 1: Just wow!  We had such an amazing first week back at school, the children all settled in beautifully and really enjoyed exploring the changes to their classroom.

We flew into space in rockets and landed on the moon; we camped out in tents and made campfires (just pretend of course!) and we built towers that reached all the way up to the clouds!

We rediscovered the water and solved the problem of how to fill up our water containers from a shallow tray.

We used chalk outside to draw pictures and practice writing our names.

We discovered that some of us were in fact very good at walking on the mini-stilts.

We braved the dinosaurs in the classroom…

We had fun in the sandpit.

We cooked amazing meals in our home corner; Mrs Hancock was very well fed!  We also learnt some super tidying up skills.

We shared stories, sang songs, made new friends and played with old friends.

We drew some amazing pictures and showed off our amazing pencil grip.

This is just a tiny snippet of the fun and learning we’ve had in our first three days.  Our team of staff have finished every single day smiling at the fun we’ve had and the learning we’ve seen; the three year old following the words in a book as she read a story to her friend (ok, maybe she was making up her own story, but she was following the words in the right direction and knew exactly what they were for; the joy and pride on the four year old’s face as he saw how impressed we were that he had learnt to write his name over the summer.

This is why we’re here, this is what it’s all about, the children, their learning and the joy it brings us, so wow, just wow, what an amazing week.  I think it’s safe to say that our whole team is very, very excited about the possibilities that this year is going to bring to us and your children and their learning.  Inspired!  Welcome back!