Hello from class 1 :) We have been busy learning this week.

Class 1 have been busy exploring sounds in the environment and learning their phonics this week. We focused on the letters s a t p. The children have been learning the letter sound and letter name, and mark making the letters too. The children have loved exploring the circles and eights in write dance. The children have been busy practising their mark making skills in the environment. The children remembered how to form the letters and shapes by saying the formation as they wrote and drew them.

The children have also been investigating what numbers mean this week. The children have searched for numbers in the environment, read numbers and counted amounts of objects for different numbers. The children had great fun and talked about what they knew about numbers with great enthusiasm.

The children have loved sharing books in guided reading and developing their PE skills in PE with Chris. What a great week they have had, well done Class 1.

We look forward to another fun-filled week. Have a great weekend.

The Class 1 Team 🙂




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