Celebration of light

As part of our ‘Wonderful Me’ topic we have been busy exploring the celebration of light this week. The children have been busy learning about Guy Fawkes, fireworks, bonfires and Diwali. The children have also been developing their concepts about hot and cold.
The children have been very creative this week, developing different skills and techniques in various light activities.

The children have made sparklers.

The children have been mark making and printing fireworks, bonfires and Diwali pictures using a range of skills and mediums.


The children have been making firework sounds with the instruments and with their voices. The children also combined the sounds they made with ribbon play. “Bang, weeee, whoosh, pop”!

The children have been building and creating fireworks and firework rockets that will explode in the sky (only pretending).

The children have been exploring light with the light toys.

The children are still busy creating their Diwali lamps. More photos to follow!


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