Celebration of light

As part of our ‘Wonderful Me’ topic we have been busy exploring the celebration of light this week. The children have been busy learning about Guy Fawkes, fireworks, bonfires and Diwali. The children have also been developing their concepts about hot and cold.
The children have been very creative this week, developing different skills and techniques in various light activities.

The children have made sparklers.

The children have been mark making and printing fireworks, bonfires and Diwali pictures using a range of skills and mediums.


The children have been making firework sounds with the instruments and with their voices. The children also combined the sounds they made with ribbon play. “Bang, weeee, whoosh, pop”!

The children have been building and creating fireworks and firework rockets that will explode in the sky (only pretending).

The children have been exploring light with the light toys.

The children are still busy creating their Diwali lamps. More photos to follow!


A love of reading in class 1

The children in class 1 love reading at school and at home.

The children love sharing books with their friends and retelling stories together using books and props.

The nursery children have been learning how to:

-hold a book with two hands,

-how to turn pages one at a time,

-read the book starting from the front cover,

-how to predict what the book is about and how to predict what words say using pictures to help,

-talk about what they see in the pictures,

-and making sounds of what they see in the pictures.

The reception children have been learning how to:

-predict what a book is about and what words might say using pictures to help,

-find letters and sounds, high frequency words and tricky words in the text,

-and sound out the initial sound of words and read new words using their phonics.


The reception children love reading a book at home with their families. The children  talk proudly about reading at home and what they have read. Well done reception! We wonder what else you can read on your out and about travels? Please come and tell us what you have read out and about!

The nursery children have been enjoying taking part in the ‘Little Readers’ programme. Little Readers is a great programme about sharing and exploring nursery rhymes using song and props with families at home. The children have enjoyed taking home their very own themed bookbag with a nursery rhyme card, prop and activity inside for each rhyme. Autumn 1 was based on ‘Mary had a little lamb’ and ‘Pat-a-Cake’.  This half term the nursery children will explore the rhymes ‘Wheels on the bus’ and ‘Incy Wincy Spider’. We look forward to hearing from families on how you have shared and explored the rhymes. Well done nursery! Keep up the hard work!

Climbing Club!

We went climbing!!!  After much anticipation and excitement we finally had our first session of Climbing Club at Rock & Rapid tonight.  The children were amazing; they never fail to amaze me with their excellent behaviour, their enthusiasm, their perseverance, their skill and their courage.  Every single one of you did an amazing job, I am so proud of you all!  I don’t know who was more excited you or me!!  (…and yes, Mrs Hancock might have had a sneaky climb at the end!)

I did my best to get photos of everyone but apologies if I’ve missed anyone, will take more photos next session.  Huge thanks the the staff at Rock & Rapid who were as brilliant as ever!

Looking forward to next week.

Mrs Hancock 🙂