Class 1’s Snowy Winter Week!

Class 1 were particularly pleased to see the snow today, as we are enjoying a week learning all about winter!  Whereas on Monday we were feeding the animals in the fake snow, today we got out to enjoy some of the real stuff!

We have been learning why we have to feed the animals in the winter, both on farms and the birds in our garden.  On Monday and Tuesday we made fat balls for the children to take home and hang in their own gardens for the birds.

We have been getting creative with our hand print snowflake paintings:


We have been counting snowmen:

We even made soup in our soup kitchen outside, although Mrs Hancock wasn’t too sure about shark soup…


Reception have been making non-fiction books about British wildlife:

Then finally, today, the real snow came so we had to go outside and have a play!!

Then this afternoon we made some real soup from potatoes and leeks to warm ourselves up and we ate it for afternoon snack!

Thank you weather for the perfectly timed snow for our winter week!  😉

From all in Class 1! 🙂




After what a  somewhat tempestuous start to the day, we were keen and eager to rush into the untouched snow that lay pristine in the playground for some winter fun. I can finally say I have defrosted after having snowballs launched at me!

Ms Peter 


Snow Crazy

It doesn’t take much of the white stuff to send the children in to a frenzy. Who can resist popping out for a bit of frozen fun?

Well done to all, who managed to make it in -staff and children.

Please take care on the roads tomorrow. With more snow currently forecast for later in the afternoon, we will keep you up-to- date promptly, with end of day arrangements.

Mrs F

Under the Sea

Class 1 are absolutely loving our topic of ‘Under the Sea’.

Over the last few weeks, the children have been exploring the concepts ‘fast, slow, noisy and quiet’. The children have been making sea sounds, and singing songs using their voices, instruments and puppets. 

The children have learning about sea creatures that live under the sea, and sea creatures that live in the water. The children have been exploring and recreating sea stories using props and resources.

The children have also created various sea creatures in art and write dance, exploring various skills and techniques.

The children have been learning about habitats – where the sea creatures live, what they eat and what you might find in their home. We have been exploring habitats through art, cooking, story time and during other activities too. The children have also been learning about aquariums too, and we made our own class 1 aquarium (only pretend).

The children are especially enthusiastic about this terms Little Readers. The younger nursery are exploring the rhyme ‘Little Boy Blue’; and the older nursery are exploring the rhyme ‘Row, Row, Row your Boat’. The children have been exploring the rhymes at home and have loved sharing their creations with their friends in class. The children have carried on their learning through activities within class 1 as part of our topic too. Please ensure your child’s Little Readers bookbag is returned to school on time so other children can all have ago.

Class 1 are ‘Under the Sea’!

Class 1 – Welcome back!  We have had a fantastic first couple of days back at school and we’re thoroughly enjoying starting our new topic of Under the Sea.

Today we have been reading, writing, counting, adding, swimming like sharks, diving like dolphins and explorers diving deep in the oceans!

I think it is safe to say that this topic is one that is loved equally by children and staff alike!  We have been painting under the sea scenes, watching divers swim around coral reefs, and learnt some things about sharks and blue whales!  So much to learn; a whole new world, under the sea. 🙂

Here are just a few pictures of some of our learning today and don’t worry, we made sure when we went diving and swimming around the classroom, to put our tanks on so we could breathe under the water! 😉

We even found time to sing our favourite Under the Water song at the end of the day.

Looking forward to a fun term ahead, The Class 1 Team. 🙂