Under the Sea

Class 1 are absolutely loving our topic of ‘Under the Sea’.

Over the last few weeks, the children have been exploring the concepts ‘fast, slow, noisy and quiet’. The children have been making sea sounds, and singing songs using their voices, instruments and puppets. 

The children have learning about sea creatures that live under the sea, and sea creatures that live in the water. The children have been exploring and recreating sea stories using props and resources.

The children have also created various sea creatures in art and write dance, exploring various skills and techniques.

The children have been learning about habitats – where the sea creatures live, what they eat and what you might find in their home. We have been exploring habitats through art, cooking, story time and during other activities too. The children have also been learning about aquariums too, and we made our own class 1 aquarium (only pretend).

The children are especially enthusiastic about this terms Little Readers. The younger nursery are exploring the rhyme ‘Little Boy Blue’; and the older nursery are exploring the rhyme ‘Row, Row, Row your Boat’. The children have been exploring the rhymes at home and have loved sharing their creations with their friends in class. The children have carried on their learning through activities within class 1 as part of our topic too. Please ensure your child’s Little Readers bookbag is returned to school on time so other children can all have ago.

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