Climbing club is back on! ☺

Climbing club – after almost two months off, the children came back raring to go, and boy did they go!  The children showed such incredible confidence and determination today that they made me and their parents so very, very proud.

Not only are they couageous when climbing, but the support and encouragement they show each other really warms my heart; hearing them support and praise each other was very special to watch.  If you weren’t able to be there tonight to watch your child, you should know that they were and are amazing, every single one of them. 🙂

I think they might have also inspired some of the parents, as a couple of the dads were persuaded to have a go and of course Mrs Hancock then also joined in!!  A massive well done to everyone and a massive thank you to the staff at Rock & Rapid.

Alison Hancock








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