Inspiration and Energy!

Classes one and two came together yesterday morning to complete their circuit with Olympic athlete Rob Mitchell.  The children all worked really hard and rose to the challenge of completing a range of different exercises for one minute on each station. It was a really fun, high energy session, with all staff joining in alongside the children.


We then joined together as a whole school later in the morning for an inspirational talk from Rob.

The children were inspired to think about keeping healthy by exercising and eating well, but also by trying to be positive, happy people, by being the best versions of themselves that they can be.  They were asked to think about always trying their best and trying to make their parents proud.  A very good, very positive message to be sharing with our children to ensure good health in all aspects of their lives.

Of course, as they listened to Rob tell his entertaining story about how he discovered he was good at jumping, they were also inspired to think that maybe, just maybe, they’ll become Olympic athletes themselves one day!  Dream big! 🙂

A big well done to all of the children for their efforts during the circuit and in raising money, and also a huge thank you to Rob for his time, energy and inspiration! 🙂

Awe and Wonder!

Class 1, Nursery and Reception children, had a fantastic day in Ilfracombe today as part of our learning about Under the Sea!  We visited Ilfracombe Aquarium and saw the range of different fish from source rivers on Exmoor to the fish in the harbour and the sea itself.  I think it’s true to say that both children and adults were completely mesmerised by the fish that we saw and that every single one of us learnt something new today.

We also visited the RNLI lifeboat station and got to stand in one of the lifeboats.  We finished off our day with an ice cream and a play on the beach in the sunshine, perfect!

Lots of learning, lots of fun, lots of smiles and laughter, lots of real life experiences and lots of photos to share; the looks on the children’s faces say it all.  We were all in awe and inspired by all that we saw.

As always the children behaved impeccably and the Class 1 team are incredibly proud of you all.  We would also like to say a huge thank you to our parents for coming with us and making the entire day possible, we could not have done it without you.  We hope you enjoyed the day every bit as much as we did,  thank you. 🙂   Thanks also to the team at Ilfracombe Aquarium and the staff at the Lifeboat Station.


Raise and shine

This week class 4 were set a very important task by Warburton’s master baker to find out which flour would provide the best rise for a bread range which they would like to sell in stores across the UK. Our keen food scientists started their research by finding out about wheat and gluten and used this knowledge to design their own bread.

Today arrived the time to test whether their choice of flour was going to produce the best bread to meet the client’s specifications. I can say based on what they looked like coming out of the oven there are many contenders for the title of best baker. The ranges of flour used were rye, whole wheat, gluten-free, strong white and self-raising.

In amidst all the cooking, there was time for a couple of experiments. The scientist filled bottles with sugar, yeast and water and covered the top with a balloon and observed how yeast works in action. The balloons soon filled with carbon dioxide as it was released as the yeast budded. There was also the chance to wash flour to help them understand what gluten is. By washing the flour, the starch is removed leaving an elastic dough called gluten.

Due to lack of time, the sampling of bread will take place during the morning tomorrow.

Ms P



Class 1 Newsletter

25th March 2019

Dear parents


Class 1 Weekly Update: Week commencing 25th March


This week we have moved away from the Under the sea topic that we have been following this term and we are now working on the topic of Spring. As part of this topic the children will learn about new life, growing and changing and will be watching tadpoles grow and change over the coming weeks. If you have any expertise or young animals that you are willing to share or bring in please let a member of the team know.

Please can parents ensure that the letters are returned tomorrow for the Ilfracombe aquarium trip. This sounds like it will be a fantastic day out – you don’t want to miss it!



This week the reception children are continuing to work on the story, Rosie’s Walk. They will be mapping and learning the story with actions so that, towards the end of the week they can alter the story in order to come up with their own version. During this block of work we will be getting the children to use positional language, such as under, across, over, around and beneath.

The phoneme focus this week is /p/. If you have any objects at home that start with a /p/ that you would be willing to share in school please bring them in. Nursery children will spend the week recognising the letter, learning the sound and matching pictures starting with the letter to the letter itself. Nursery children will also be practising blending the four sounds that they have now been taught – /s/, /a/, /t/ and /p/. Reception children will be practising their pre-cursive writing for the letter /p/, as well as consolidating their own oral blending skills through supporting the nursery children’s learning.



We are continuing our work on estimating and addition and subtraction. The children will be doing a range of activities including estimating and then counting objects. Later in the week the children will be working on their addition and subtraction skills.


As always if you have any questions please don’t hesitate to ask them. We hope that you all enjoy your aquarium visit and that all Mummy’s manage to have a relaxing Sunday!


Yours sincerely


The Class 1 Team

Exmoor National Park Visit

We welcomed Sophie in to Cl2 this morning. The children were able to find out about our up-coming trip to Lynmouth. They also had a chance to find out about the sea-side code and important dos and don’t, when exploring rockpool habitats. The children listened beautifully and asked fantastic questions. We can’t wait!

Looking after our world!

Class 1 have been very busy over the past couple of weeks!  From learning about Under the Sea, we then learnt about pirates and had fun walking the plank – of course this was improving our balance and coordination too!

We then started thinking about our wonderful world and what we can do to help look after it.  We learnt about recycling and how we sort our rubbish:

In the words of Bob the Builder – Reduce!  Reuse!  Recycle!  This led nicely into children building outside and enjoying the dry weather whilst working together to get the job done! 😉  We really have seen some excellent teamwork in using resources for building.

We have also kept busy learning new sounds and finding objects that begin with those sounds.  We’ve all had a go at writing those letters in the precursive style, reception in their handwriting books and Nursery on the Interactive Whiteboard.

… and last, but not least, we’ve been busy in maths learning the names and properties of both 2D and 3D shapes, practicing our counting and learning about estimating and then how we check how many we actually have by counting!


Busy, busy!  Lots of learning, lots of teamwork, lots of progress and importantly, lots of fun!

The Class 1 Team 🙂