Class 1 Newsletter

18th March


Dear Parents,


Class One Weekly Update – Week commencing 18th March


Just a quick reminder to bring in your expression of interest letter about visiting the aquarium as soon as possible. We need to know how much interest there is so that we can confirm whether the trip can go ahead.

Last week the children were introduced to completing some ‘jobs’ – they need to complete certain activities throughout the day to receive a surprise during the afternoon. Lot’s of the children have been very excited about trying to do these ‘jobs’ so that they can receive a surprise and it has already shown a marked increase in the number of children writing and completing simple maths activities independently.

Our theme this week is recycling and the children will be recycling a range of different objects during the week.



This week we are learning the letter /t/. Nursery children will be introduced to the letter and the sound that it makes during the week and can practise writing it. Reception children will be learning to write the letter pre cursively and practising using paint, technology, chalk, rice, shells, pens and pencils. As always if you have any objects at home that start with the letter /t/ please bring them in to go on our /t/ table.

Reception children will be beginning to learn a new story this week, Rosie’s Walk. They will be learning actions and drawing story maps to help them learn the story.



The children are finishing off their learning about shapes and will then be moving onto practising simple addition and known number facts.


Please remember that this Friday we will be holding a late red nose day celebration and all children are welcome to dress up as their favourite famous person (sorry I think I told you this was last Friday on red nose day but due to the older children being on a residential it was moved to this Friday).


Yours sincerely

The Class 1 Team

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