Class 1 Newsletter

25th March 2019

Dear parents


Class 1 Weekly Update: Week commencing 25th March


This week we have moved away from the Under the sea topic that we have been following this term and we are now working on the topic of Spring. As part of this topic the children will learn about new life, growing and changing and will be watching tadpoles grow and change over the coming weeks. If you have any expertise or young animals that you are willing to share or bring in please let a member of the team know.

Please can parents ensure that the letters are returned tomorrow for the Ilfracombe aquarium trip. This sounds like it will be a fantastic day out – you don’t want to miss it!



This week the reception children are continuing to work on the story, Rosie’s Walk. They will be mapping and learning the story with actions so that, towards the end of the week they can alter the story in order to come up with their own version. During this block of work we will be getting the children to use positional language, such as under, across, over, around and beneath.

The phoneme focus this week is /p/. If you have any objects at home that start with a /p/ that you would be willing to share in school please bring them in. Nursery children will spend the week recognising the letter, learning the sound and matching pictures starting with the letter to the letter itself. Nursery children will also be practising blending the four sounds that they have now been taught – /s/, /a/, /t/ and /p/. Reception children will be practising their pre-cursive writing for the letter /p/, as well as consolidating their own oral blending skills through supporting the nursery children’s learning.



We are continuing our work on estimating and addition and subtraction. The children will be doing a range of activities including estimating and then counting objects. Later in the week the children will be working on their addition and subtraction skills.


As always if you have any questions please don’t hesitate to ask them. We hope that you all enjoy your aquarium visit and that all Mummy’s manage to have a relaxing Sunday!


Yours sincerely


The Class 1 Team

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