Inspiration and Energy!

Classes one and two came together yesterday morning to complete their circuit with Olympic athlete Rob Mitchell.  The children all worked really hard and rose to the challenge of completing a range of different exercises for one minute on each station. It was a really fun, high energy session, with all staff joining in alongside the children.


We then joined together as a whole school later in the morning for an inspirational talk from Rob.

The children were inspired to think about keeping healthy by exercising and eating well, but also by trying to be positive, happy people, by being the best versions of themselves that they can be.  They were asked to think about always trying their best and trying to make their parents proud.  A very good, very positive message to be sharing with our children to ensure good health in all aspects of their lives.

Of course, as they listened to Rob tell his entertaining story about how he discovered he was good at jumping, they were also inspired to think that maybe, just maybe, they’ll become Olympic athletes themselves one day!  Dream big! 🙂

A big well done to all of the children for their efforts during the circuit and in raising money, and also a huge thank you to Rob for his time, energy and inspiration! 🙂

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