Super taster and First aiders

So far this week Class 3/4 have been learning about their bodies. On Monday we learnt all about how we taste and how sometimes our senses deceive us. We conducted a range of experiments which involved tasting different mixture that helped us to draw our own individual tongue maps- identifying the sweet, sour,bitter, and salty. To follow this, we blocked the sense of smell and tried to see if it impacted on how the food tasted. The children tried two samples of food (potato and apple) and tried to distinguish the difference.  Many children were unable to tell the difference between the two, proving how important taste is to a good food experience.


Today, the class were joined by nurse Steve who came in to help us with some first aid skills. The children had a chance to bandage each other’s injuries and ask a lot of interesting questions. As a treat Steve let the children have a look at his transformers Chevrolet Camaro.


Class 1 Newsletter

18th March


Dear Parents,


Class One Weekly Update – Week commencing 18th March


Just a quick reminder to bring in your expression of interest letter about visiting the aquarium as soon as possible. We need to know how much interest there is so that we can confirm whether the trip can go ahead.

Last week the children were introduced to completing some ‘jobs’ – they need to complete certain activities throughout the day to receive a surprise during the afternoon. Lot’s of the children have been very excited about trying to do these ‘jobs’ so that they can receive a surprise and it has already shown a marked increase in the number of children writing and completing simple maths activities independently.

Our theme this week is recycling and the children will be recycling a range of different objects during the week.



This week we are learning the letter /t/. Nursery children will be introduced to the letter and the sound that it makes during the week and can practise writing it. Reception children will be learning to write the letter pre cursively and practising using paint, technology, chalk, rice, shells, pens and pencils. As always if you have any objects at home that start with the letter /t/ please bring them in to go on our /t/ table.

Reception children will be beginning to learn a new story this week, Rosie’s Walk. They will be learning actions and drawing story maps to help them learn the story.



The children are finishing off their learning about shapes and will then be moving onto practising simple addition and known number facts.


Please remember that this Friday we will be holding a late red nose day celebration and all children are welcome to dress up as their favourite famous person (sorry I think I told you this was last Friday on red nose day but due to the older children being on a residential it was moved to this Friday).


Yours sincerely

The Class 1 Team

Heatree 19 Day 1

Well folks, we have arrived all safe and sound.

After a very exciting scramble at Hound Tor we landed at the activity centre here on the crown of Dartmoor. It has been a little breezy but we all settled in really well and after lunch tackled the High Rope activities including: the Vines, High Wire, Crate Challenge, Jacob’s Ladder and Rope Circuit. We enjoyed a fab dinner (after settling into rooms) and after diaries have enjoyed traditional charades. More tomorrow…

Class 1 Newsletter

11th March 2019

Dear Parents,

Class One Weekly Update – Week commencing 11th March

What a busy week last week! This week we are continuing our work on pirates and the children will be giving themselves a pirate name based on their favourite colour and animal! Friday is Red Nose Day and the children are welcome to dress up as their favourite famous person for the day.

Last week all children were sent home with an expression of interest letter about going to Ilfracombe aquarium on 28th March. Nursery parents need to accompany their child on the trip but if you are unable to attend then you could ask another parent to take your child on the trip. Unfortunately we, as a school, are not able to organise this for you but if you would be willing to take other children or you will have difficulty taking your own child please speak to us and we will try to point you in the right direction if we can.



Last week nursery children enjoyed learning about the /s/ phoneme and many children brought in items to go on the /s/ table. Reception children spent the week practising writing the letter /s/ correctly. As a school all children are taught cursive writing so reception and nursery children are also being exposed to this and learning to write in a pre cursive style. This week the children will be learning about the /a/ phoneme so if you have any items at home that you are willing to bring in for our /a/ table that would be great.

Reception are continuing to learn about blending sounds together to help them read words and while writing they are focusing on thinking of a sentence, saying their sentence and then writing their sentence. All reception children are having a big push on using the correct letter formation over the coming weeks.



We are continuing our work on shapes this week but introducing 3D shapes and thinking about the properties of these shapes. The children will be making pirate telescopes and decorating them with shapes, building pirate ships using 3D shapes and painting pirate ships using 3D sponge shapes to name a few of the activities planned.


We would be very grateful for any cylinder shaped junk modelling, such as kitchen rolls, yoghurt pots etc.

Yours sincerely

The Class 1 team

World book day

Yesterday, for World book day all the children dressed up as their favourite book characters and authours. In the morning, we had a special assembly where we shared our favourite book and had a ‘guess the book character quiz’. In the afternoon, the children in class 3 & W4 had the opportunity to read alongside the children from class 2. This was thoroughly by all.


Ms Peter and Mrs Jones     

Jessica is off to Bicton!

These amazing, all action photos are of our very own Jessica at an event over half term. She was competing for the first time on her own, on her pony Lily. She came 3rd in the showjumping so she has qualified for the mini championships for the south west at Bicton in August. Well done Jess. Amazing! (Thanks to Nicole for the photos). If you have some photos and a story that you would like to share, send direct to Mr Gurney ( for publishing.