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20th May 2019

Dear Parents,


Class One Weekly Update; Summer 1: week 5 – 20th May

Apologies for the missed weekly updates recently due to staff shortages, bank holidays and internet problems but they will now continue to be every Monday as usual.

We are pleased to confirm that the class 1 trip to the Dinosaur and Wildlife Park will be going ahead on 11th June. You should receive a letter today with the permission slip. Sports day is confirmed for the 18th June weather permitting.



Over the last few weeks the children have been working very hard learning the new sounds of the week. This week all children will be learning /e/ (nursery children are learning the sound while reception children are learning to write it pre cursively). After half term we will be recapping the previously taught phonemes – /s/, /a/, /t/, /p/, /i/, /n/, /c/, /k/ and /e/ and trying to read and write words using these sounds.

The reception children are currently finishing off inventing their own story based on following the story of the three little pigs. The children are focussing on remembering to use finger spaces, writing the letters correctly and pre cursively, using their phonetic knowledge to sound out words and trying to say, repeat and then write a sentence independently.

This week the children are sharing their favourite stories so please feel free to bring in a named book that your child would like to share with their friends.



This week the reception children are working on time, thinking about what they do at different times of the day, and ordering different activities during the day. The children will also be continuing to practise their number formation.

Nursery children will be thinking about the order of different activities they do in the day and using positional language, such as behind, on top, next to etc.


We hope that you all have a great half term holiday and look forward to seeing you again after the holiday.


The Class 1 Team

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