I am a Bishops Nympton junior get me out of here!

What a day of adventure the juniors have had today. In the space of a day, we have managed to experience all weather climates ranging from rainy Devon storms to the Mediterranean microclimate and finally the Rainforest tropics. Upon our arrival at The Eden Project, the children had a brief history of on how Eden was developed from a quarry into the fantastic sustainable place that we know. After this, we had a quick lunch followed by a walk around the Mediterranean Biome where the children discovered the plants that grow in the warm climates such as lemons, limes, tomatoes and olives.

When we returned to the education centre our ranger Chris was waiting eagerly to start our workshop. The children were transported into the rainforest of Papa New Guinea to meet the Kombai tribe people. For the task, the children were members of a research team who have been sent to locate the Kombai tribe in Papua and learn how they live. The children first prepared for their expedition by considering what kit they would need. Upon making contact with the Kombai we divided into ‘tribes’ each with their own unique tribal symbol and face paints. Accompanied by adults (Mrs Jones, Theresa and myself ) the tribes journeyed into the rainforest and identified how to use the rainforest and its plants for food, shelter, water and health.

This was a fantastic trip as most of the children had not been to Eden before. I hope the children have been inspired as all the learning we have been doing in class has built up to this. Thank you for enabling us to go. A huge thank you to Theresa Selley for coming to support on very short notice.


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