London 19

I had a few requests to re-post all of the photos from our London trip a few weeks ago, so thought I would do this before the end of the term…

Day 1 included:

Gathering at Tiverton Parkway, Paddington @Paddington, Kensington Gardens, Albert Memorial and Westminster Palace. Later we had a meal before the fabulous Lion King.

Day 2 included:

The science museum, London Eye and river trip followed by Street Performers at Covent Garden. An amazing adventure was completed by our train journey back to Parkway. An amazing 2 days with an amazing group of children.

Class 1 Information

17th July


Many parents have requested to come to the mini graduation ceremony of children due to start reception in September and the children who are moving into class 2 in September.  We have listened to your requests and have decided to try and adapt the current plan to accommodate you.  Therefore, if you would like to stay after dropping your child into class 1 on Tuesday 23rd July we will hold the mini graduation ceremony shortly after 9am once we have registered all children.


If your child does not usually attend on a Tuesday please feel free to bring them in for the ceremony.


We look forward to seeing you.


The Class 1 Team

Business Afternoon

Well done to all the children for creating wonderful businesses for Business afternoon. Thank you to all of you who attended to support the children. The children were able to raise £141.95, as a group, we will decide what the money is going to be spent on. Have a fantastic weekend everyone.

Ms P