Climate Control

The children in Cl2 have been thinking a lot about climate and how it affects the way we live and the problems that we need to solve. The children learnt this morning that the conditions at the time of The Great Fire of London were perfect for setting the city alight. This afternoon, they were finding out about Scott of the Antarctic and the conditions he and the team had to face, during their polar expedition. Check out their conscience corridor. I wonder if the children would make the decision to go on the same perilous journey???!!!

London’s Burning…London’s Burning…Fetch the Engine!!!!

What an amazing re-enactment, today. I have to confess to being a bit nervous at the start, but is was excellent and all was well. The morning began with a visit from Teresa, a fire fighter, where the children’s understanding of the Great Fire was put to the test. The big burn followed- and what a spectacular inferno we were treated to. Many thanks to all of the parents, who worked as hard as their children to build the houses in the first place; and for coming along today to join in with the fun. It was wonderful to see so many of you. To finish the event, we were all treated to a delicious school lunch. Thanks to the kitchen staff for making this possible.

Busy in the sun!


Class one have had a busy few weeks learning about dinosaurs, digging and more recently learning about minibeasts.

We have played in our dinosaur jungle:


We have been digging for minibeasts:

We made ladybird biscuits:

We’ve been been explorers in our reading den:

Reception have learnt about doubling using ladybirds in maths:

We made some beautiful music!

We watched the older children launch rockets:

We learnt to tell the time:

We have done lots of role play:

We’ve practiced forming our letters and numbers:

…and we have shared lots of stories!

…and have done lots of investigating.

We have been so busy the term has flown by and the children have learnt so much, they’ve worked really hard and are a fantastic class! ☺




Move up day!


Class 4 have been hard at work today learning about street dancing. We talked about B-boy battles, that originated for from the Bronx, and how it changed modern dancing. The children really showed off their skills, wowing class 3 and 2 in an impromptu performance. Well done class 4, I am very much looking forward to watching you all take risks to next year. Ms P

Class 1 Newsletter

1st July 2019

Dear Parents,


Class One Weekly Update; Summer 2: week 10 – 1ST July


Tomorrow is ‘moving up’ day.  The current reception children will arrive at school tomorrow and go straight to class two where Miss Jones will be meeting them.  They will spend all day in class two and get to experience life as a year one pupil.  Parents will then need to collect them from the same place as the rest of the school at the end of the day.  Current nursery children who are going to be reception children in September will arrive and be collected from class one as usual.  They will be taking part in more reception based activities including maths, reading, writing and phonics……and they will even be cooking their own afternoon snack!


With the sunny weather forecast, please can we remind all parents to provide your child with sun cream and a sun hat.  Please can you make sure that both are named.  Please also ensure that your child has a water bottle in school.


Sports day is planned for next Tuesday and at the moment the weather looks good so hopefully it will go ahead this time.





During phonics and handwriting this week we will be introducing the letter /m/.  This is the last sound that we will be introducing this year and for the remaining few weeks nursery children will be recapping the phonemes (sounds) taught so far.  We will also be continuing to work on their fine motor skills through a variety of different activities in order to help them develop a good writing position ready for September.


Reception children will continue to practise their handwriting pre cursively with a different letter focus each week.  We will also be ensuring that all children can confidently write their names pre cursively.





This week in Maths the children will be consolidating their understanding of doubling and halving in the continuous provision.   During guided sessions the children will be looking at different times of the day.  They will be sequencing different activities in the day and they will be introduced to telling the time to the hour.




The Class 1 Team