Pupil Prime Minister


Class 3 and 4 have been very busy over the last two weeks preparing for the Bishops Nympton political party election. This is very much connected to what is currently happening in the UK politically. With a general election potentially looming, the children are gaining first-hand experience on how  political parties are formed and run. So far, the children have formed their parties and decided on one key issue, their party line, which will be the basis of their campaign. Collaboratively in their groups, they have designed their party logos and experimented with printed them using a tri-colour mono printing technique. On Friday we will carry on with our campaign creating propaganda posters to persuade others.

The parties that were formed cover a wide range of issues which party will you vote for?

Class 1 newsletter

Dear Parents,

Class 1 Weekly Update: Week 4

Last week was another busy week with lots of fun activities and experiences for the children to enjoy. Last week the children have been learning about what doctors do and how they help us. This week the children will be linking their learning to being kind and recognising when themselves and others have been kind during the week. This will be linked to the new ‘kindness elves’ that have arrived into class one and trying to gain marbles to go into a jar in order to earn a reward at the end of the week. The children will be working as a team and spotting each other’s good behaviour and acts of kindness so please support them with this at home.

This term we are doing a big push on helping children to develop their gross physical strength and their fine motor control, both of which help with pencil control. We will have lots of activities set up in the classroom for children to access, but would ask that you also support your child at home with simple things such as showing them how to do up their coat, encouraging them to pull up their own trousers etc. This will also have the knock-on effect of developing their independence.

Just a gentle reminder about ensuring all clothing and drinks bottles are named. It is important that children have access to a drink during the day and this is greatly helped if their drinks bottle is clearly named so that they don’t get upset if somebody else has picked it up by mistake.

Reception Children

Last week the children started phonics learning and to date have currently been introduced to /s/, /a/, /t/ and /p/. In the classroom the children have been thinking about objects that start with those letters, such as snake, ant, toy and puppy. Reception children have started bringing home their homework folders, which includes a parent sheet with suggestions how you can help to support your child at home. They are also asked to practise writing their letters in their homework book daily.

A meeting has been arranged for Thursday 26th September at 9.10 in the school hall for all reception parents. This is a chance for staff to share the expectations for the reception year and for you to ask any questions that you may have.

Please encourage your child to begin dressing themselves as this is a requirement when changing into their PE on a Monday and a Friday.

Thank you for all your help to date settling your child back into school life and we look forward to working with you over the next few months.


The Class One team

A Very Special Visitor

The children waited with excited expectancy at the arrival of our special guest. No…not Prince Harry-although it may well have been, given the wonder on their faces- but our local MP, Mr Peter Heaton Jones. The children sat in rapture as he greeted them and began introducing himself. Then, they all put Peter through his paces, individuals asking the most thought provoking and excellent questions from ‘who is your favourite prime minister from the past?’…to ‘why does the queen sit on a big golden chair?’

It was a truly amazing experience and one of many that we hope to offer our children and community in making learning come to life this year.

Thank you so much, Peter.