Class 2 Christmas cards

Our school council have been discussing ways in which we can be more Eco-friendly this year and have had some fantastic ideas. This year we are trying to use our resources more creatively, and not to create as much waste. With this way of thinking, we are going to be sending  Christmas E-cards instead.

Firstly, the school council requested that we created our Christmas art (Christmas card front cover) using our talented art skills as part of our learning about Christmas. Then, we were requested to blog the Christmas art to all parents so they could see our wonderful creations. Finally, it was requested that parents would be able to send a card using their child’s amazing Christmas art by printing their child’s art at home. If you would like your child’s Christmas artwork, then please message Mrs Lake through dojo or email the school admin and we will e-mail your child’s art to you.

Merry Christmas

Many thanks for working with us as eco-warriors!

Class 1 team

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