Race to Space celebration assembly

Race to Space celebration assembly

In case you missed this…

What a way to start the term with our pop-up cafe and Race to Space celebration assembly!!

The children had been busy learning about Race to Space; and were set a series of challenging Space activities that they could choose from to complete from at home.

All of the Bish Nym team we’re amazed by the effort, enthusiasm, creativity and factual documents and artefacts that were brought into school to show off your learning. They blew us away!! Well done everyone.

We all enjoyed a nice cuppa during the exhibition, and loved celebrating the children’s achievements too!

Chinese New Year family lunch

Chinese New Year family lunch

What a great turn out we had for our Chinese New Year Family Lunch on Tuesday. Families ate a delicious Chinese banquet; and shared Chinese fortune cookie wise thoughts and wishes. Thank you to the kitchen staff for another amazing meal and to support staff for organising this amazing event again. What a lovely time we had too!


NSPCC workshop

On Monday 13th January, the key stage 1 and 2 children took part in an NSPCC workshop. The children learnt about how to speak out on how to stay safe at school and at home. The children learnt how and who to talk to when they had a problem, if they were scared, they had experienced something that worried or upset them, or something had happened to them. The children learnt about ChildLine and how to contact them and why. The children enjoyed taking part in the factual workshop. Key stage 1 children made posters to help remind them of the jnfkrmationag home  (if ever needed).

Budding artists – WEEK 1

So today was the day we started our art club at our wonderfully creative school. The little artists were very eager to explore art through developing a range of skills; and using a range of mediums and materials.

The children mark made the 9 pre-writing shapes using a range of mediums eg pens, highlighters, crayons, and pencils on paper. The children had to think carefully about how they used the whole sheet of paper too. The children also mark made the 9 pre-writing shapes using paint on various materials i.e. black paper, newspaper, tin foil, and kitchen paper. The children had to use a paintbrush effectively to develop the brush strokes accurately.

All children had great fun learning about art and exploring mediums and materials today, great work. Let the projects begin!