Planet Earth – Intrepid Explorers – experience day

We arrived back to Earth from space, and have been exploring planet Earth. Last week, the children came to school dressed up as an intrepid explorer. In assembly, we learnt about the 7 different continents on planet Earth. We discussed how we were going to focus on 4 continents (as we only had 4 teachers) – Asia, Africa, the Poles and America. The children then experienced some African dance with Miss Peter to warm us up for the day ahead.

Miss Peter – Africa – the children had great fun learning about Africa – Dancing to African music and drumming to African music too

Miss Horrell – America – the children had great fun baking, tasting and eating American foods; making badges and flags too

Mr Huxtable – the Poles – the children had great fun experimenting with balloon cars

Mrs LakeĀ  – Asia – the children had great fun drawing and building famous buildings from countries in Asia; and mark making letters and words in Chinese and Japanese.

The children thoroughly enjoyed their intrepid explorers ration boxes at lunch time. Thank you to the kitchen staff and lunch time staff for an extra special themed lunch too!! A great success!

All staff and children had a great day experiencing aspects of learning from the different continents and their countries on planet Earth.